The tears that stream down my face are for you. I end it but still loving you. I hate to see you hide behind a smile that faces threats. When you go home the smile fades off and the tears come down. I see this happen and tears hold out. I face the stress you have and I let it go but it still lingers in my heart. I now hide behind that smile and face you, thinking what I could do. It's now six mouths sense I saw you face. Thinking I was to blame and I should have done something great. I lay awake and relies it's not my choose and I tried. I fight and lose the battle that kept me out. I couldn't get through to you and you end out facing a world with out hope. The mouths I suffered were the mouths I relies I'm not prefect and every was. I wish you'd relies the same. But we're to late sense I saw your last face.

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