Lessons Minhyuk (19+)


Minhyuk watched bitterly at her running her

fingers through his hair over and over again. He watched her smile at his jokes. He watched her maintain eye contact with him in the mirror, not once looking Minhyuk’s way. He watched all this as he leaned against the corner wall of the dressing room, eyeing them over the screen of his phone.

His fingers wrapped around his iphone tighter as he tried harder to focus on his phone. Another musical laugh made his ears burn as he watched her throw her head back in laughter at his words.

He watched Shownu wink at her in the mirror of the dresser, watched her look down in embarrassment, watched her cheeks turn a shade of pink, watched her go back to gelling his hair, watched him lean his head into her hands.

His knuckles turned pale, his jaw clenched and he saw red when that shy smile drew on her face.

Ten minutes. Minhyuk barely heard the words with his own heart pounding in his ears. He grabbed the cold can of coke from a sleeping Kihyun on a foldable chair and took a swig of it feeling the liquid burn his throat and come down but it did nothing to cool his flaming heart.

Minhyuk wasn’t this. He and everyone else knew that. But what no one else knew, was that he was this when it came to her.

He watched Shownu get up off the chair and bow his head slightly to her, thanking her for her hard work. She returned it, nodding to him. The last straw that had Minhyuk seething was the the little folded note that Shownu handed to her. Shownu walked over to him and Kihyun, nudging the other awake and gesturing them to head out. Kihyun nodded with a tired smile turning to Minhyuk to follow. Come on.

Minhyuk mumbled a, give me a minute, as he eyed her putting away her hairstyling tools into a bag. Kihyun mumbled something nervously, seeing the anger in the other’s demeanor before backing out of the room. Now all the members had left along side most of the management and staff members. Minhyuk eyed her before crushing the can and tossing it away. He pushed off the wall in one fluid movement and walked to her.


You grabbed a handful of brushes, combs and makeup accessories, slipping them into the makeup bag hurriedly. You wanted to make enough time to be able to slip into the audience to see Monsta X’s performance. Well if you were to be honest, you had eyes only to see one boy under that spotlight; Minhyuk. You smiled to yourself as you continued to pack your essentials when a sudden movement caught your attention at the corner of the mirror. You looked up to see the penetrating gaze of none other then him looking back at you in the mirror. There was something about the intensity in his eyes that made the smile on your face diminish. His gaze held you there, your hands frozen midair and your body almost paralyzed. The only thing that was moving was your racing heart. He looked at you with pure hunger, that of a starving man, and that’s what made your lower abdomen heat up. Your eyes darted around you but only a few of the staff members were in the room.

“You should be back stage.” You whispered.

“Come with me.” He said in a dangerously low voice.

“Minhyuk, you know I can’t.” You said, chancing another glance at the two women standing at the door. What if they saw you two together?

“Come.” He said making this a demand rather than an option. You turned to face him and to your surprise he caught a hold of your wrist.

“Minhyuk.” You quietly protested but you didn’t pull out his grasp. The deeper part of your mind wanted to find out what Minhyuk desired from you so hurriedly and to satisfy whatever it was. Reason could fly out the window for all that darker side cared. He pulled you towards the back of the dressing room and towards the washroom. Bringing you into the small four walled closed space, you watched him immediately lock the door then turn to face you.

You watched his tongue slip out to lick his bottom lip before he bit down on it, drinking you in. His eyes trailed from your feet, climbing up every inch, curve and imperfection with such detail till his eyes met yours. He took a step forward to you, maintaining his hunter like stare. He was so close to you that if you moved an inch you’d feel his lips, but his lips didn’t meet yours for a kiss, nor did they spread out in that infamously heart warming smile where his eyes gleamed with a brightness that put stars to shame. That mood maker Minhyuk was completely gone and replaced with this Minhyuk that looked like a predator who had just cornered his prey.

“So you like him?” He asked, taking a step forward.

“W…What?” You stuttered, taking a mirrored step back. Your hip hit the corner of the sink but you kept looking forward. He lifted a hand and tucked a strand of your hair behind your ear delicately.

“I asked you,” He whispered bringing both his hands on either side of you on the sink so you were caged. He leaned down slowly, bringing himself at eye level. The exposed skin above your chest rose in goose bumps as his warm breath fell there as if it were being pulled up and down in a trance to the lead of his rhythmic breathing. “if you liked him?”

“Who?” Your mind was racing a hundred miles an hour trying to comprehend his words over your flustered state. “…Shownu?”

“You flirted with him, you laughed at his jokes, you accepted his love note.” His lips grazed yours just by a bit but it set you off balance. You quickly caught yourself at the edge of the sink trying to desperately maintain distance between the two of you. But to no avail as he only brought himself impossibly closer making your noses brush.

“Minhyuk,” you gasped, “you have to be on stage in fifteen minutes.”

“Answer me.” He commanded in a collected, dominant voice. How could he leave you so anxious with barely a touch and remain as collected himself. “Do you want him?”

“Minhyuk, I was just…” You tried to turn away but he held kept his hands steady keeping your trapped.

“Do you want him to touch you, feel you, love you?” You swallowed hard at his words already coming a bit undone.

You tried to tell him he was being foolish but your mouth betrayed you. You liked this side of him, his eyes aflame with lust and jealousy, and you couldn’t deny that you wanted to feel his touch on you. So in the spur of the moment and the rush of adrenaline, you decided to add fuel to the flame.

“Well you’re never around.” You whispered seductively, “What if I’m tired of acting like strangers. What if I need someone to satisfy my needs” You dragged on the last word a bit on your lips. You saw his eyes get darker.

“Are you trying to make me jealous?”

“It seems you already are.”

“Watch it beautiful, tease me more and I might just have to teach you a lesson or two on the consequences.”

“What if I’m in the mood for a few lessons?” You hummed.

“Class is in session,” he breathed as he struck like a viper with lightning speed.

Before you knew it his left hand raised to your neck and his lips immediately pressed onto yours. His other hand hiked up your skirt and his fingers found skin. You shivered when those very fingers moved tantalizingly higher up your exposed thigh. You felt an immediate ache at your very core and his hands seemed to know it as he drew dangerously higher and closer. All the while he maintained the passionate battle with you tongue to fight for power. You weren’t able to suppress your moan when his finger tips grazed the fabric of your laced underwear and you jerked your hip forward to clash against his. Only proving to motivate him, he wound his hand around your thigh and lifted you, pushing you back so that you were sitting at the edge of the cold ceramic sink. Your hands reached out, grabbing at the shirt of his chest to steady yourself. His lips molded himself against yours once again, forming words and conversations of his anger through his demanding mouth. He came between your parted legs and snaked his arm around your waist to pull you flush against him. Your core was pressed against his hardness and immediately a gasp escaped your lips but Minhyuk was quick to swallow it, not giving you a chance catch your breath. He begins slowly grinding himself against you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, careful not to ruin his styled hair but you yearned to have your fingers run through it and tug from the roots as you knew he loved. His lips left yours and traveled down the side of your jaw, coming closer to your ear. You closed your eyes, feeling the intense pleasure.

“You know it drives me crazy.” He whispered before traveling further down to the junction of your neck and jaw line. At the same time, you felt both his hands come down to each of your knees as he pushed them further open. You let out a whimper when his mouth reached that spot on your neck but to your utter surprise and much annoyance, he removed his lips from your skin and took a step back. You opened your eyes to protest but instead found him looking down at your clothed center with his bottom lip between his teeth as your skirt had further ridden up your thigh. You felt heat accumulate as you watched his lust filled eyes that came back up to meet yours.

“Lesson one, Jagi.” He murmured as he returned to his spot between your legs. His lips found yours once more and so did his fingers as they swiftly pulled the lace underwear off. You gripped onto his shoulders as the now cold sink touched the bare skin of your behind. His fingers came to your center and he took his sweet time in feeling every inch of them making you squirm and moan out in pleasure and anticipation. You leaned your head forward on his chest and felt him place a kiss on your temple as he slipped his finger in between your folds making you tremble with pleasure. “You’re only mine to touch.” He moved it at a relentless pace not giving you time adjust. You pant out clutching his shirt tighter. He brought his lips back to your neck and bit down, sucking at the skin to create a line of love bites scattered about. Meanwhile, he pumped is finger in and out and you felt a serge of ecstasy pulse through you. Abruptly he pulled out his finger completely and you gasped at the loss of him but in its place came the pump of three fingers, stretching you further and making you cry out. He began at a torturously slow rate this time while his thumb came around to twiddle your clit. He brought his eyes back to you, watching you with greed as you were about to reach your climax but he halted all movements leaving your unfinished. You looked at him in frustration as your own hands reached moved to finish yourself off but he was quick to catch your wrists and halt your movements. “Don’t move.” He commanded and you had to oblige.

You panted heavily, watching his smug grin as he ran his fingers below the tap on the sink beside you under. You felt a pang of uncertainty and insecurity but realized a moment later that the grin on his face meant something else entirely. You eyed his movements as he took off his black bandana from around his neck. He returned to his spot between your legs, pulling your chin up and placing a kiss on the corner of your lips before whispering in a breathy voice; “Lesson two,” You bit down on the inside of your cheek in anticipation when he wet the piece of cloth with the water. Your core ached to be finished off but you knew he wanted to punish you. Not wasting time, he removed your top, leaving you in your bra. “You’re only mine to feel.” He finished. He unclasped your bra and drank in your upper naked half. He leaned you back till your shoulders were against the cold surface of the mirror. A chill ran over your exposed body. Placing your hands on the sides of the sink he took the wet cloth and squeezed it to have an icy cold droplet fall right between your breasts. Already oversensitive from an unreached orgasm this new sensation drove you to insanity as the droplet rolled down your chest and down your stomach. You gasped when he sprinkled a few more drops and you arched your back at the agonizing feeling.

“Please Minhyuk,” You gasped in ache and craving, feeling just he drops come down.

“Please what?”

“Please, don’t torture me.” You gasped. He waited, watching you squirm. He then brought down his head to your stomach and licked the trail of the droplet, through your breasts and right to the base of your neck making you moan in pleasure, completely losing yourself.


“I can’t see you with anyone else. It drives me crazy.” He said bringing his lips back to your sweet spot.

“I’m yours.” You said, bring your hand to his neck.


“I promise, I’m only yours. I’ll always just be yours even if no one knows.” You whispered.

“Lesson three.” He said with a genuine smile at your words. “Your only mine to love.” The smile on his face took your breath away as you watched him unbuckle his pants quickly, releasing his long held hardness and swiftly entering you. It wasn’t torture anymore. There was no teasing, no anger, no jealousy. This was pure passion, adoration and love. You knew it at the way he entered in you with gentleness. This was all about you, making love to you. He kissed you long and hard as he thrust into you with the pace you craved. His hands trailed around every inch of you, pleasuring you in all the ways he knew you. He hit the spots in you that drove you to the pure bliss as you both reached your high, a mess of moans, calls of each others names, declarations of love and affection. You both rode out your highs till you were a sweaty mess, flush against him, your cheek pressed against his chest, feeling his heart racing. He held you there, running his hands along your back as you closed your eyes trying to bring yourself down from the high and steady your breathing. He pressed a kiss against your forehead.

“I love you.” You said. You didn’t have to look at him to know his eyes had lit up, making those eye smiles in happiness. He wrapped both his arms around you, holding you in a tight embrace. It was heaven in his arms.

Your eyes suddenly shot open at a thought. “Fuck! You have five minutes to get backstage.” You suddenly remembered. The moment was ruined as he realized the severity of the situation. He quickly helped you get dressed and you both jogged down the hall way. You let go his hand as you noticed staff watching and when you finally got back stage you remained there as you watched him leave you with a quick wave. This was it, your moment of happiness was gone and you had to behave as strangers once more. You were about to leave too when you heard a shout of Jagi. You whirled around to see Minhyuk running back. He came to you, taking your face between his hands and kissing you passionately. You pulled away from him quickly, realizing that everyone was watching.

He only smiled that sunshine smile once more, not looking at the gawking eyes but only at you.

“I want everyone to know your mine.” He told you. Your heart almost melted at his words.

“Go preform. I’ll be waiting here at the end.” You say, placing a kiss on his cheek. He nodded. He was about to leave once more when he turned back again.

“Minhyuk.” You groaned.

“Wait, you’re not going to keep his number, are you?” he asked with childish concern.

“What number?”

“Shownu’s note. You promised you were mine.”

“Number? Minhyuk, Shownu gave me a list of hair dye colours he wanted for his new look.”

Minhyuk’s jaw dropped and immediately followed a look a puppy about to burst out in apologies.


“I love you!” He shouted, trying to hide his blush as he ran onto the stage.


















































































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