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The marriage has been nothing but a forced marriage between two people who hated each other. Hoseok always found a way to tease, insult and make fun of you. But through the years living under the same roof as him, you had seen his soft sides when he thought you didn’t.

And somehow, in the middle of everything, you started to fall in love. You started to fall hard and it was impossible to stop yourself from falling any harder.

It has always been hard for the two of you to even stand beside each other when you were little kids. Everything with him and you included was forced. Friendship, relationship and marriage. Even smiling at each other were forced. It was like you were allergic to each other. You couldn’t even look at him without wanting to throw a chair at his smirking face. And he couldn’t breathe properly without leaving an unneccesary comment about how your make up was not on point, basically every single day.

But living under the same roof as him for over a year made you just as rude as him and you were starting to get used to his arrogant personality and his annoying, but hot, smirk. Even if you wanted to, sometimes, strangle him, you still found yourself blush everytime he would smile although it wasn’t you he was smiling at.

You found yourself falling in love. You found yourself wanting to see him and you found yourself missing him everytime he would be away.

It was a complicated marriage. You thought being forced to marry your biggest enemy was going to be hell, but you were wrong. He would surprise you everyday with his amazing talents and soft sides. Sides that you didn’t know of him. How kind hearted he really was when he thought no one was watching, but the truth is, you were watching him. You fell in love with his flaws and everything in between and you found yourself loving his flaws more than anything else.

But love wasn’t just beautiful. It was terrible, ugly and it made you blind. Love made you blind, it gave you pain and more pain as the days went by.

A few days later, you found yourself in your own house, looking down at the red heels that sure as hell weren’t yours and you heard the moans from his room. You heard everything, and even if it made you want to throw up, you couldn’t turn around and run away from the scene. Instead, you found yourself walking towards the noises. Your heart was beating too fast, your brain was telling you to stop before you could hurt yourself more than how much you were hurting.

But you didn’t listen to it, you were stupid for not listening to it and when you were standing just inches from the tiny gap between the door and thre door frame, you could hear his voice.

The voice you came to love. The voice that made your legs go weak. But also the voice that broke you apart.

“I love you”

Funny how three words could break you apart so fast. Funny how love was supposed to be beautiful and not painful. Because those three simple words made your heart ache. It made you want to curl into a ball in a corner and never come out again. It made you want to shut your eyes and ignore everything around yourself. Every noise, every word, every movement, everything.

You didn’t even realise when you had let go of everything you were holding, making everything fall down on the floor with a thud.

“Y/N”, you starred at him blankly. How could he manage to say your name like it was a bit of glass when he just broke you into pieces a few minutes ago? You could see in the corner of your eye that the girl he just slept with was leaving quietly, leaving the two of you, face to face. Him half naked and you broken.

“Why…? Why did you do that?” you asked, your voice barely making it through those words. Saying that you were close to let the tears fall would be a lie because they were already falling. You thought you saw guilt in his eyes, but it was soon swiped with his cocky smirk and cold eyes.

“Why? You’re asking me why? Well, I love her. I want to marry her. I see a future with her. I see myself actually wanting to have kids, a house and a happy future together with her. Things that I can’t and don’t want to with you. I didn’t want to marry a spoiled girl like you. I didn’t want to live in the same house as you and I have never wanted to come to this place, it’s not home for me,” he started.

“Home for me is where I can smile when I get home after a tiring day at the practice. Home is where the person I truely love is. No matter where she is, that’s my home. And you’re not, you’re not my home. I can’t smile when I’m around you” he was holding a divorce paper in his right hand, ready to let you sign it.

His words were harsh. It was hard to accept the hurtful words he just said and honestly, you found yourself repeating the same words in your head, over and over again. It hurt, it hurt a lot. Because you wanted to be his home. You wanted to be the one he could come home to and be able to smile. You wanted to be more than that. You wanted to share bad and good moments with him. You wanted to be beside him through it all. You wanted him to love you. You wanted to be the person he wants to marry. You wanted to be in his future, having his kids and live a happy ever after life together.

You wanted all of that to be you.

But life just has to make it hard, doesn’t it?

“I love you”


“You’re my home. I love you. I am married to you. I see a future with you. I want my kids to call you their dad. Home for me is wherever you are. Home for me is when I can come home and fall into your arms and not worry about the next day. Home for me is when you love me back. Home for me is where we can live through our years, until we die. Home is where I can hold your hand even when I take my last breath,” the tears were making it harder for you to see him.

“But home is when two people love each other and even if it hurts to admit it, we’re not each other’s home. Am I selfish for wanting you for myself?” you let out a humourless chuckle and shook your head.


“Because right now, I want to be selfish. But I can’t, knowing that you’re not happy with your life with me. I can’t stop you from finding your own love,” you gave him a small smile before taking the divorce paper with shaky hands and then you were signing it.

“You have no idea how happy I am to at least make you happy” you lied, clenching your fist and hiding the hurt in your eyes.

“Let’s not see each other after this, yeah?”

Hoseok didn’t say anything. He just starred at you before looking at the paper you just signed.

And you were happy, happy that he didn’t stop you from walking out of his life.

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