Fans Want Super Junior's Kangin Out???

Hey guys!

Stefany here with some news. Recently Super Junior's Kangin was involved in another DUI after 2009's DUI hit and run incident. Because of this a few Super Junior fans have taken to the web to politely voice their concern and ask for his removal from Super Junior. Some fans posted their statements, one of which says "It is self-evident that there will be damage to the group promotions of Super Junior due to the criminal offense of Super Junior member Kangin, so in the belief that it is unfair for Kangin to continue promoting under the name of Super Junior, we relay our opinions through this statement," Although this opinion isn't shared my every Super Junior fan, many are concerned as to how this will affect the group as a whole. The way that they went about this was respectful and mature so we have to give them props on that.

What are your thoughts? Should Kangin leave Super Junior? Will this continue to hurt the group if he stays? Let us know in the comments below!


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