{WW} Emilia-tan

Emilia is such a cute babe who's cheerful and vibrant personality is very attractive to me. Not to mention she's so beautiful and puck is so kawaii! :3 I hope to learn more about her in this amazing series! Tagging@InVinsybll@tbell2@danse@VoidX@hikaymm@neevp@sontyler@tylor619cruz@AimeBolanos@OtakuDemon10@SimplyAwkward@tayhar18920@ShinigamiSan@Thatperson512@emmajolie@reinsharai@kirik@zephyrblaze@VoidX@JadaDiemand@TreverMoon@jessicaferrier@captpeter

I absolutely love anime to death! Some of my favorites are Tokyo ghoul, naruto, bleach, my little monster, fairy tale, attack on titan, and many more! Hope you guys continue to enjoy the awesome creation that is anime 😀 I'm a Christian and I'm open to chatting so feel free to talk to me!
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