10 Webcomics To Share With Your Dog

Hey, are you a dog owner? Well, have you ever heard your dog laugh before? No?

Well, try showing them these hilarious dog-themed comics, and see what happens next!

1. Who you callin' a 'good' boy?

2. What do I want to eat today? Everything.

3. Who said dogs can't be gamers too?

4. Lassie finally got the help she needed.

5. Dang, this dog is hella sick!

6. I KNEW there was a reason I felt weird when dogs 'play'.

7. Okay, maybe that therapy session didn't work.

8. You can't cry in pain if your mouth's full of pasta!

9. When dogs go from chasing chewtoys to finding chi.

10. Hey, where'd that pancake go?


So which ones were the funniest? Do any of these remind you of your dog?

Let me know in the comments below!

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