Us: Part 1

"You know how Jungkook is right? serious? quiet around me? I don't think good of it. He seems distant and he seems to hate me instead of liking me. I never really thought he would hate me but the way he spoke to me yesterday made it very clear. I guess he doesn't want me bothering him anymore since he spoke in such manner, but that's in his nature... I guess. Tae.... he's all yours. He's always normal around you and not serious but playful and loud. He isn't like that around me so why should I have him when I can't. I know you've been ignoring me lately and I guess it's because of the argument we had over him last year. So i'm giving him to you, he's yours, all yours and if he asks why am I acting weird around him just tell him that I'm very busy and I don't feel like being playful around him... that will keep his mind off of asking anymore questions. It's not like he would care though I mean he doesn't show a bit of feeling around me and it's too much for me to handle the awkward silence anyway. So... yeah that's what I wanted to say.""Jimin I-""I'm ok, I'm still Jimin, the only Jimin and the one who smiles as bright as Hoseok hyung and the one who's never hurt. I'm ok.... I just need to take my mind off afew things."that.

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