Hey y'all! We are here to meet the bravest and most noble of them all the knights, Lancelot!!!!!!! Aww and look at that dashing smile!

Now Sir Lancelot was a close friend of Merlin and a Knight of Camelot who was also in love with Guinevere. He was a good man, devoted to protecting people and helping his friends. He was one of the first to discover Merlin's magic, which he kept secret, and was one of few people who would ever discover it. His death shocked Camelot when he gave his life in place of Arthur's upon the Isle of the Blessed to heal the tear in the veil between the Spirit and Regular world.

Lancelot, however, was not permitted to rest in peace. Morgana revived him for the purpose of preventing the marriage between Arthur and Guinevere. He was, however, Lancelot in appearance only; he had little to no recollection of his life and vowed to serve Morgana. She subsequently instructed him in what she knew of his life and of his previous attraction to Gwen, then ordered him to seduce her. Morgana also gave him an enchanted bracelet to give to Gwen as a wedding present, as it would rekindle and magnify her previous feelings for Lancelot. Manipulated by Agravaine, Arthur eventually discovered Lancelot and Gwen in a passionate embrace. Gwen was subsequently banished from Camelot and Lancelot imprisoned. Morgana then sent Lancelot one final order via Agravaine - to kill himself, so that he would never reveal the plot to Arthur or anyone else.

After his death, Arthur ordered Merlin to take care of Lancelot's body. The warlock therefore placed his body on a floating pyre on the Lake of Avalon. Before setting the pyre off, however, Merlin used his magic to cleanse Lancelot's soul but in doing so managed to briefly resurrect him. The noble knight managed to speak the name of his friend and thank him before passing away for the last time. Merlin then used his magic to send the boat out into the lake and set it alight finally giving Lancelot's soul peace.



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