Day6 Swooning Sundays With English Covers Again!

Hello everyone! It's a nice day for some day6! Let's put our "headphones" on.

Put Your Record On

Day6 has done endless covers but their English song remakes are the best! So, here I am fangirl to the band that sings my favorite song from Corinne Rae Bailey. It's such a wonderful piece to listen to on a summer day!

She Will Be Loved

Day6 has always been compared to Maroon 5 because of their similar genre. I think both bands carry a different personality despite their similar musical taste. For the most part, Day6 I'm a day6 bias because they have more variety in terms of vocal.

Bad Day

This was the song I grew up with and again I'm super elated to hear Day6 covering it on Kiss the Radio. Brings back so much KissFM days (when the radio actually plays good songs.

Call You Mine

Before you press play let me warn y'all. Your heart will melt from Wonpil's voice.

Stop and Stare

There's no better choice than ending this short Day6 English playlist with One Republic's popular hit.

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