Jackson for Got7 and Stanford.

It was recently revealed on the Chinese version of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” that GOT7′s Jackson had received an offer from Stanford University, back when he was a member of Hong Kong’s national fencing team. Jackson comments he was indeed a fencer for Hong Kong’s national team and admits he “received offers from the University of Hong Kong and Stanford University.” However, the GOT7 member reveals he chose to go to Korea to follow his dreams of becoming a singer. He explains how he gave up on being a part of the national fencing team, “When I was preparing for the London Olympics, my father didn’t think much of it when I told him I wanted to become a singer. But when I brought the actual trainee contract to him, he was so surprised to the point that he was at a loss for words,” and, “Regardless of whether or not I could succeed, I just wanted try many different things.” Jackson also mentioned a difficult time during the London Olympics in 2012 when he was a trainee of JYP Entertainment, adding, “My friends who prepared for the London Olympics all participated in the competition and a close hyung [older friend/brother] even won the gold medal. But I was just a trainee so I wasn’t doing anything. It was hard back then, but I didn’t regret it.” from http://www.soompi.com/2016/05/26/got7′s-jackson-turned-down-offer-from-prestigious-u-s-university-in-the-past-to-pursue-his-dreams/

I really love this story. Jackson is one of my favorites because of his personality. He is just made me love him more. I loved that he gave up everything to follow his dream. written by@leximintkgtopty KpopINT Chairs:@bbyitskatie@MichelleIbarra@Sailynn KpopINT Fam:@amobigbang@Dboy@elaynethtrumpet@JohnEvans@Insfired@KpopBeat@krystalrikpop@LenaBlackRose@LexiMintkgtopty@ParkHwaYoung@parktaemi@Stefany17@tayunnie A-@AaliyaNewbell@aliahwhbmida@AlisonYui@AnaP@ArhenBurris@AubriePope@axosrain@AyameTenchu B-@BrendaValdez@BluBear07 C-@CallMeMsDragon@CamrynCherry@CloverShadows@CrystalGuerra D-@DamarisCisneros@deilig@drummergirl691 E-@ekahjw@ESwee F-@faith92@FannyWard G-@GDsGF H-@HaleyHerbig I-@imiebegay14@izabelpillado J-@JamiMilsap@Jasminep96@jenjenkhreim@JessicaVang@Jinnyrod3 K-@KDSnKJH@Kieuseru L-@LizaNightshade@lcr4562 M-@MadAndrea@maldonadosonia1@MelissaGarza@mellyortiz@merryjayne13@monikad@moonchild03@mycreativename N-@NathashaXavier@ninjamidori@NykeaKing O-@ortizwendy17 P-@Pickles440 Q- R-@resavalencia@Roas420 S-@Sammie9952@SassyMaknae@SatinSkies@ScarletMermaid@SerenityThao@ShinoYuki@ShyrllBorden@StefaniTre@Swhitta T-@TiffanyBibian U-@unnieARMkeY V-@VeronicaArtino W- X-@xxkarlah Y- Z-@Znae

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