Songs I'm Now Discovering

Annyeong guys!! It's Sky!! So thanks to listening to the KpopINT station I've been exposed to and discovering lots of new songs and let me tell you I regret not having a phone with more space!! Heres a list of a few that I recently heard for the first time (or just learned the name of) and wish I could put on my phone.


HanHae-Fill It Up (Feat. Ovadoz, D.meanor)


I don't know Up10tion but this song is really nice.

Amber-Shake That Brass

I know STB is kinda oldish but i have never taken the time to actually listen to it..until now!

Brave Girsl-I Have Changed

G.Soul-Where Do We Go From Here

This song is the kind of song you play when you really need to evaluate something!

MAP6-Swagger Time


A friend of mine loves them and introduced me to this song. Its really good!

NCT U- 7th Sense

Ok. This song is a lot catchier than i expected. I really tried to ignore them since i didn't want to get into another group...i still don't know them but this song is life along with the chores.

TWICE-Cheer Up

Its such a cute song!!

Day6-I Wish (Hope)

When I'm sad i now play this song. It really helps.

What song did you recently discover?-Sky

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