What Line I'm I? Challenge

I thought you guys would like a laugh before I get into the post^^

So I was born in 1999 so I'm in the 99' line. These are the idol 99' liners that I know of:

SEVENTEEN's Dino - February 11, 1999

ASTRO's Rocky - February 25, 1999

Red Velvet's Yeri - March 05, 1999

AKMU's SooHyun - May 04, 1999

NCT's Mark - August 02, 1999

ROMEO's Kangmin - September 05, 1999

Even though this has every little to do with this post I thought I would also share who my birthday twins are too^^

Nu'est MinHyun

MyName's Jun.Q



So this is one of my other birthday twins. His name is Rasa (Park Gunwoo). His my 오빠 (oppa) by 10 years



This is a Chinese, twin, duo called Tasty. Now we really don't share our birthdays…it's more of they debut on my 13th birthday. I know this really doesn't count but it's still really special to me (^-^)


Formed by Woollim Entertainment in 2012. The group composed of the twins: Daeryong and Soryong. Prior to their debut under Woollim Entertainment, the twins were trainees under JYP Entertainment. After 5 years in training at JYP Entertainment, they decided to leave JYP after seeing trainees debut before them. The duo said: “We passed the audition (JYP) easily so we thought everything would be easy too. But later on when other friends (trainees) joined in and debuted before us, we felt disappointed.”

Who do you share your birthday and birth year with??

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Well... I was born in 1999 I'm part Korean, German, Dutch, Irish, & French Canadian I currently live in the U.S. And... My UB Kpop groups are Big Bang, Astro, BTS, Monsta X, & Mamamoo
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