Nick Foles Beating Out Vick in Camp/OTAs

Eagles blogger Jimmy Kempski has reported that Nick Foles is beating out Vick in camp and that he is making "WOW" throws that seemed unimaginable last year. Everyone expected Vick would be given the starting job due to his physical gifts and experience but now the situation is murky. Foles seems to have a great chance to emerge as the week one starter. Fantasy Spin: Looks like you are heading for a disaster by drafting Vick anywhere in the first half of the draft. I would not draft him unless you are getting him as your backup QB. Even then I would not waste a pick on him unless it is probably in the last 3 rounds. Foles also had great chemistry with Maclin and Avant last year. If Foles turns out to be the starter, you may want to take your chances on Maclin in the later rounds. Added Foles' highlights. Click the side arrows!

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