The Piano Teacher

Ch. 1

It was a 2-hour train ride from Seoul to Daegu South Korea, I decided to take a small summer break from events and activities to rejuvenate myself. I’ve been running around going from concert to concert playing the piano, I’ve been doing this non-stop for two years now and I felt I deserved a break. I was grateful that my parents agreed.

I was going home, my real home the one where I grew up. My grandmother raised me while my parents worked in Seoul, and thankfully they never sold her house. I miss my grandmother she was special to me. I was always a shy and quite child and my grandmother made me take piano lessons from the local teacher who was a friend of hers. That’s when I met him.

He was my first friend, we played the piano together, we learned together, we were pretty much inseparable until my grandmother passed away and I had to leave without saying goodbye. “I wonder if he still lives around Daegu?” I asked myself. Coming back home brought up a lot of good memories.

For the remainder of my trip I made sure things were in order so I would have a bed to sleep in tonight. Finally, I made it to my grandmother’s home now my home. I unlock the door and walk in the movers haven’t arrived yet, but should be here soon. I open up some windows to air out the stuffy house.

As I walk through the house I’m filled with memories, and then sitting in the corner of the living room in front of the window is my grandmother’s baby grand piano. My eyes light up with excitement. I walk over to it, pull the cloth off of it and sit down on the bench. Brushing my fingers softly over the white and black keys, it’s like getting acquainted with an old lover that you haven’t seen for years, even if the sound was a little off “I must get it tuned before I dive into playing” I said to myself. I play it a little to see if everything still works and other than it needing a tune up it’s perfect.

At that moment a young man is walking past the house, he’s wearing glasses and has silver hair. The piano echoes through the house and outside the man stops in front of the house turning to look at me as I am playing the piano. I don’t notice him for a few moments until I looked out the window. I immediately stopped playing stand up and bow my head in the stranger’s direction. The man’s eyes are small I couldn’t tell if he was squinting or not. The man bows his head before turning forward and continue walking. All of a sudden an image of Yoongi popped into my mind. “I wonder if that’s Yoongi all grown up?” I ask myself.

The movers show up and start bringing things into the house, I’ve cleaned it as much as I could, and with their help I get most everything big moved in and situated, now all I have to do is arrange things the way I want. But I’ll save that for tomorrow it’s been a long day so far.

I decided to take a walk and as I passed the houses along the road I heard a sound coming from the one at the end of the street. I suddenly remembered this house, it was my piano teacher’s house. I got all excited I jogged up to it and stood outside the gate listening to the music. The sound I fell in love with as a kid, I recognize the piece immediately as it was Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata one of my favorite pieces.

I look over the gate to see the door was wide open and light on where the sound was coming from. I remember as a kid my teacher would play a beautiful slow piece in the evening and anyone passing by would hear and stop to listen and place money in the hat that was behind the gate. It was an old Top hat that had a note stating that any money received was gratefully appreciated and to enjoy the music as a gift. I couldn’t believe she was still alive and keeping with this tradition. I quickly grabbed into my pocket and pulled out whatever money I had on me and threw it into the hat.

I heard the piano stop, and I don’t know why but I hid, I heard heavy footsteps it couldn’t be the woman. So I peeked over to see the stranger from earlier walking towards the hat. I placed my hand over my mouth so I didn’t make a sound. It was Yoongi! I wonder if he remembers me? I thought to myself as I watched him look down and pick the hat up and then look to see if anyone was around. When he didn’t see anyone he still bowed and said thank you before walking back into the house and closing the door.

I held my chest because my heart was about to fly out of it. I was so excited to see my friend and to know he still lives in town makes me happy. I made up my mind to visit him tomorrow and reconnect. “I hope he hasn’t forgotten me?” As I walk home I’m grinning from ear to ear like a little school girl. It will be nice to reconnect and maybe we can keep in touch better this time around.

I finally make it back to my house and as I walk in I hear my phone ringing. I pick it up

“Hello mom.” I say into the receiver.

“So I’m glad you made it there okay, how about your things did the movers drop them off and set the big stuff up for you?” my mother asked a million questions a minute sometimes. I just nodded and rolled my eyes.

“Yes mom, everything is fine, I’m fine. I was actually about to go to sleep, it’s been a long day can I call you tomorrow?” I reply.

“Yes of course honey, you get some rest. Bye bye.” With saying our goodbyes, we end the call.

Yes, tomorrow is going to be another busy day for me, and an important one too. I smile to myself as I walk towards my bedroom and then without thinking just plop myself on my bead and before I knew it my eyes were closing and sleep overwhelmed me.

This is a rough draft. But I wanted to post it to see if I got any feedback on it. I'll post it on my wattpad and here.


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