Fun & adorable korean hair looks you might want to try!❤


Tired of the same old hairstyle? or just Want to try something new? just keep scrolling and your wish is my comand! her are some cute and or daily hairstyles you might want to try! if you like this and want make me mor3 happy? be sure to leave me a comment/like or if you just want to make my day give yo girl a follow ❤

Swooped Bang! 1. get a round brush on fresh clean kinda damp but mostly dry hair. 2. continuously wrap the round brush around the bangs and dry wave the blowadryer on that area for a few seconds. 3. after you have your bang swooped to perfection take the end of the comb and separate them slightly 4. add some hairspray for a absolute chance of all day hold


WOW! that one is actually pretty easy and you should feel wonderfully accomplished off to the next one!

1. evenly part your hair down the middle into two big sections! 2. do a regular braid but a little tighter then usual (this is to help step 3 from becoming too loose) 3. loosen the braids to desired volume 4. feel fabulous!


How ya feeling? good? Great! because I know you can do these and look beautiful in whatever look youe trying to achieve! okay on too the last one!

Lifted Tent! this one is the easiest with straightened hair part your hair into one section take the bottom section and rolling into a bun then take the top part of your crown and start teasing with a comb or teasing brush then do it to the bottom and brush it out very gently! for extra volume push-up and place bobby pins

to add to any look add a flower crown for an innocent touch!

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