Best Friend~ Chapter 2

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 4180 words

Summary: I was always just a ‘friend’. And no matter how much it hurt, I took it- because it was better than nothing.

Part: 2/?

Y/n’s POV

After getting ready and texting Jungkook that I was coming, I grabbed and pocketed both phones and rushed out. My mind was still reeling from all this. Hani...the very Hani that Jungkook loved... was seeing someone else behind his back. How could she do that to Jungkook?

And Taehyung? What the hell was happening there? He told me he hadn’t got over us yet he was screwing her? I know that wasn’t as big of an issue as what Hani was doing to Jungkook, but it still hurt. Even if we weren’t together.

I had just turned right onto the street when I saw the one person running up to me, and my heart sank. I wanted to run in the opposite direction, or go back in and lock the door. It was Taehyung. “Hey y/n, I was just about to text you when I noticed my phone wasn’t on me!”, he laughed breathlessly.

He looked down and saw two different devices in my pockets. “I must have left it at yours”, he said glancing back up to me. It may or may not have been my imagination, but he was looking a little shifty-eyed.

“Er..yeah you did! I was coming up to give it you”, I lied, faking a smile. “Did you walk out of your lecture for this?” He laughed again, and it seemed to be a laugh of relief. “Yeah. My bag and stuff I left with some friends and I snuck out. Sitting at the back has its perks. I’d better get going though, thank you!”

He pulled me in for a brief kiss and I stiffened at the contact. “See you later”, he called, running off, back the way he came. I gritted my teeth, trying not to yell in frustration. That had been my only proof. But I told myself, He’s your best friend. He knew you way before Hani. He’ll believe YOU.

My confidence was raising with every step I took to Jungkook’s place. Before I chickened out, I knocked on his door. Thankfully, he was awake, even though he didn’t a have a lecture until this afternoon.

“Anyone in?”, I asked, tentatively stepping inside. “Nope, just me.” He seemed glad that I had come round to his. I mean it had been two weeks since I last visited.

“I got your text. Sounded urgent.” We both sat down, and I stared at his table, wondering how to begin. He patiently waited for me to say what I had to say. So I took a deep breath, and begun.. Because who hides things like that from their best friend, right?

“Hold up, hold up”, Jungkook interrupted, shaking his head. I glanced up at him. I had just mentioned the part where I picked up Taehyung’s phone, and he was already grinning like I was about to tell him a joke.

“Why on earth did you have his phone? And where was he?” I looked back down, face eating up. “He er..he stayed over. And forgot his phone this morning.”

That wiped the grin off Jungkook’s face- he instantly understood the meaning behind my words.. “I thought you two weren’t dating.” It wasn’t a question. He sounded hurt, like I had lied to him. “We’re not! I was...”, I cleared my that and tried again. “I was feeling down, and he was comforting me. And...”, I trailed off.

“Why were you feeling down?”

I shook my head. He was going off topic. “Jungkook, I didn’t come here to discuss me! Anyway, I was going to out the phone on the table when it started ringing. Hani was ringing him.” I glanced at him once more and he was just staring at me.

So I continued. “Her contact was saved with hearts next to them. So I unlocked his phone to look through and see if they had been texting each other. And he was asking her how long will she keep...sleeping with him behind your back.”

I didn’t use the word ‘fucking’ because...well, this was already be a lot to take in. And it just sounded vulgar to use in this situation. “So where’s his phone?” Jungkook’s voice was devoid of emotion, so I had no idea what he was feeling.

"I...i texted you to say I was coming over, and as soon as I left, I bumped into Tae. He snuck out of lecture because he realised he didn’t have his phone on him.”

There was a moment of silence, and my head shot up when I heard Jungkook snickering. “Jungkook did you not hear what I sai-”

“-Nice story y/n”, he cut me off, still chuckling. I blinked at him, processing what he had just said to me. I had come here to tell him he was being cheated on in this dishevelled state, and he was mocking me?

“It’s not a story”, I said, trying my best to remain calm. But he was making it difficult. “I saw the texts between them. Why the fuck would I make that up? Next time you see Hani, ask her to show you her phone and then you-”

“-That’s enough y/n.”

“What? Jungkook, what are you not getting here? She’s cheating on you!”

“OK”, he sighed at me, making my blood boil. He was acting like I was an annoying child who wouldn’t stop pestering him. “Y/n, I get it. You and Hani aren’t exactly the best of friends. I know that. But really, don’t you think accusing my girlfriend of cheating is a bit too far?”

I stared at him. He had known Hani for a fraction of the time he had known me, yet he was still taking her side?

I realised that he wouldn’t believe me. I know the story sounded too far-fetched, and that it seemed so fucking convenient that Taehyung caught me just as I was leaving my house, but I hadn’t expected this of Jungkook. He thought I was making this up?

I stood up abruptly, face hot, and tears rolling down my face. Tears of anger and frustration. “Wow”, I bitterly laughed at myself. “Taehyung was right. You are a dick.”

He stood up too, staring at me. His face was a mixture of concern and disbelief. “Why the fuck did he call me that? I don’t even know the guy!” I stayed quiet. I wasn’t about to tell him there and then that I had done so much for the sake of our friendship. He would only think I’m lying.

I stifled a sob, and he reached out for me, looking hurt as I stepped away from him. “I came here to tell my ‘best friend’ that his girlfriend is seeing someone else. But instead all you do is call me a liar?”

“Y/n, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Me and Hani...we love each other.She wouldn’t cheat for god’s sake!” I flinched at his sudden outburst. He never shouted at me unless we were both laughing about something together.

“OK Jungkook”, I whispered, nodding at him. I wiped at my face with the back of my sleeve. This is what he wanted. He had chosen her over his best friend. “I’ll be going. I have a lot to do.”

I walked past him and he put a firm hand on my shoulder to stop me from going further. “Hold on. You can’t just say something like that to me and expect me to be fine with it.” He was staring at me coldly, which was alien to me.

This was the same boy that was there to console me whenever I cried. He would cuddle with me and murmur in my ear about how everything would be alright. How he would always be there for me. And now here he was, staring at me like I was the scum of the Earth.

From his words, I knew what he wanted. An apology. I whispered again, unable to find my voice. “You’re right. I’m sorry kookie.” I was staring at his shirt, not his face. I couldn’t bring myself to look up to him. He let go of my shoulder and was about to say something before I spotted something on his mantle and walked up to it.

He watched silently as I grabbed and pocketed my spare key. Now I could ignore him as much as I wanted without him turning up at my place. He realised what I was doing. I turned to face him, still unable to stop my tears. The anger had already dissipated, only dismay remained.

“Wait y/n, what-”

“-I’ll be going now”, I said, my voice cracking at the end. He tried to protest, but I kept walking. I felt numb. It hurt that he thought I was petty enough to make up a story lie that. It hurt that he didn’t believe me.

I decided I would leave him alone. How could I look him in the face when he thought I had made that up? To him, I was probably the most despicable person he had ever come across.

I would invite Taehyung around one more time, to convince him to leave Hani be, so that at least she would be no longer cheating on Jungkook. I would have to make the assumption that she was only talking to Taehyung behind his back, and not to any other guys.

Jungkook’s POV

Jungkook was speechless. He had just let y/n walk away. Just like that. He wanted to go after her, but what would he say? He sat there, head in hands, replaying the conversation in his head over and over. What had compelled he to say all that? Was Taehyung having some sort of influence on her?

He was sat in the exact same place, when Hani arrived, a couple of hours later. He knew if he didn’t leave now, he’d miss his lecture, but honestly, he wasn’t in the mood today. He could catch up later.

He heard his girlfriend walk around a bit, looking for him. “Babe?” He didn’t answer. He didn’t want to speak to anyone. All he could think about was y/n and how distraught she looked.

Hani walked into the room, instantly rushing over to sit by him. “Babe, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” She started rubbing circled on his back as an attempt to soothe him. Jungkook blinked, causing another tear to escape. He had been so lost in his own thoughts, he hadn’t even realised he was crying.

“It’s nothing. Me and y/n just had an argument that’s all.” They had never ever argues in all the years they had known each other. Of course, disagreements were natural, but an argument? Never. For as long as Jungkook had known her they were joined at the hip.

He thought he knew her inside-out. Which is why her actions this morning had really confused him.

He felt Hani stiffen at the mention of y/n’s name. “Oh really? What about?” She wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that she wasn’t sorry in the slightest. “She thought you were cheating on me! Can you believe? I told her she was being ridiculous.”

Hani’s movements on his back faltered. “What? She said that? That’s the person you call your best friend?” She sounded hurt. “Babe, no. I didn’t believe it for a second, OK? I know you wouldn’t do that.”

She gave him a beaming smile and pulled him in for a kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Y/n’s POV

I was going through an old photobook of me and Jungkook when my door bell rang, bringing me back to reality. I sighed. For a moment, I felt as happy and carefree as I did in those photos. Laughing as Jungkook gave me a piggy back, or smiling at the camera holding up our ice creams. At least I still had those memories for when reality became too much to handle.

I forced myself to stand up and open the door, to be met by Taehyung. It had just gone 1 o clock, so I assumed Jungkook would be sat in his lecture by now- not that I cared.

“Hey there.”, he grinned, stepping inside. “Y/ look really ill, are you ok?” He tried to pull me in for a hug, but I stepped aside. That made his smile falter a little. He shut the door behind him and followed me back into the living room. I shut the book I had been looking at and placed in on the table.

He sat down, making himself comfortable, but I stayed standing, my arms folded. “Something’s wrong...”, he murmured, leaning forward. His grin had completely gone now, and he was looking as serious as I was.

“Damn right something’s wrong”, I replied angrily, surprising both myself and him. He slumped back on the sofa, understanding almost straight away. “You know, don’t you?” My silence spoke volumes.

“Y/n, it’s not what you thin-”

“-Let me tell you what I think Taehyung. I think that Hani is cheating on Jungkook with you, and you’re willingly letting it happen! So don’t fucking tell me it isn’t what I think, because that’s exactly what’s going on.”

All the anger that I had been unable to direct at Jungkook earlier was now coming out on Taehyung. “And stupid me went to him to tell him, and he didn’t believe a fucking word! I ended up apologising and leaving. So now because you can’t keep it in your pants and she’s a slut, I’ve lost my best friend!” I was yelling now, but he sat there and took it. He looked guilty.

“I’m sorry”, was all he could say. “Why did you do it?”, I glared at him, determined not to break down again. “We’re nothing serious. But I knew her way before Jungkook did and we...well we hooked up a few times- This was after we broke up. But even after finding herself a boyfriend, she didn’t want to stop.”

“Why the fuck didn’t you just go out with her then?”

“I didn’t want to. She’s needy, manipulative, narcissistic,creates drama. Why would I date someone like that?” These were all accurate traits- it was a shame Jungkook couldn't see them.

“Why do you keep seeing her?”

“I...I don’t know y/n. I’ve said ‘no’ more times than I can count. If I don’t come to her doorstep, she turns up on mine.” He ran a hand through his hair. “I didn’t want this. But then that told me about the way Jungkook treated you, and a small twisted part of me couldn’t help but think ‘well maybe he deserves it’.

I was mortified. “Taehyung, him not knowing what I’ve done for him does not mean he deserves to get cheated on! What kind of logic is that?” He sighed again, choosing not to answer my question.

It was silent once more as I figured out a way to help Jungkook. Despite everything, it was killing me knowing that he was with someone like that.

“Fix this”, I ordered. “Fix this now.”

“It’s not as easy as that y/n. She point blank refuses to stop seeing me.”

“I don’t give a shit. You either tell her you never wanna see her again, or I swear to god I will drag you over to Jungkook myself and force you to tell him the truth.”

He blinked at me, trying to figure out whether I was being serious. Once he had figured out that I was, he muttered, “I’ll talk to her tonight. We were supposed to be meeting up anyways, at her house.”

I nodded. I felt drained from all this. Physically and emotionally drained. “OK.” I said, walking away from him to go to my room. I just wanted to lie down and sleep. At least that way I wasn’t hurting.”

“Wait, where are you going?”, he called after me. “That’s it?”

I stopped. “Yes, that’s it. What, you think I called you here to throw a party? Or were you planning on sleeping with me again before running off to her?” He looked shocked by the harshness of my words and my voice. He knew I wasn’t usually like this.

I was still going up the stairs when I heard my front door being shut firmly behind me. Taehyung was going to sort this out. I felt a little lighter as I fell back on my bed, bringing my duvet all the way up to my chin. I sighed as my body started to relax. Maybe a small nap would help...

I woke up startled by the sound of pounding on my door. To my surprise, it was dark outside- I had slept through the whole day. I checked my phone and my eyes widened. 9:00 pm. I also had 12 missed calls, that I would check after the person at the door went away.

I grand quietly, getting out of bed. Rubbing my eyes and turning on the landing light, I called out ‘Who is it?” I didn’t want to answer if it was Jungkook.

“Tae”, came the short, gruff reply. I rushed to the door, wandering what the hell he wanted at this time of night. As soon as I opened the door he barged past. I left the door open with the full intention of telling him to leave as I followed him to my living room, yawning.

“What the he-”

“Jungkook knows.” I was still not fully awake and it took me a minute to process his words.

“What the fuck? I thought you went to sort it out!” I yelled, my voice still croaky having just woken up.

“I did! She started touching me all over and kissing me to try and get me to stay, and her fucking boyfriend walks in!” I paled. Jungkook had caught them? He would be heart-broken.

“He told me to get the fuck out and I more than happily obliged. As far as I know, he’s still with her. He wasn’t screaming at her or anything...He looked like he was talking.”

“So they’re OK?” I asked dubiously. If Jungkook was talking quietly, it either meant he was mad as fuck and was about to blow anytime soon, or he actually had forgiven her.

Taehyung nodded. “Seems that way.” I exhaled in relief, then looked at him with an annoyed expression on my face.

“So why the fuck did you come here at this time to tell me that? Haven’t you heard of texting?”

“I called you five times and you didn’t answer!” Ah. So 5 of those missed calls had been Taehyung.

There was a pause as we both looked at each other, chests heaving from all that shouting. “Aren’t you even a little pissed that he’s probably still going to stay with her? Even after he’s realised you told him the truth?”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. “No. Because we’re not friends. We’re certainly not best friends. He made that clear this morning.”

“You let that fucker ruin us”, Taehyung whispered. “And then you helped his relationship, even though you claim you two are nothing. How the fuck can you not be friends?”

“Because I HATE HIM!”, I screamed, momentarily forgetting my door was open and that people could probably hear me. “I did everything for him! I took that bitch shouting at me behind his back day in day out! I gave him space because I knew I was a strain on their relationship! We broke up because I picked his friendship over you! I’ve had enough Tae...I can’t take it. I can’t..”, I was crying softly and Taehyung just looked at me helplessly, not knowing what to do. I had never got so worked up before today.

I sniffed and looked up to Taehyung through my tears. “And then you slept with his girlfriend, and he still chose her over me. That sums up our ‘friendship’. I’m too hurt Taehyung. I don’t need him. I don’t need anyone.”

“Is that so?”

Taehyung looked up from me and I whirled around. I didn’t need to wipe my tears to know Jungkook was standing at the door of the living room. He was conveying a whole array of emotions. Anger being the predominant one.

I wiped my eyes hastily and silently cursed myself for not shutting the front door. How long had he been there? How much had he heard?

I cleared my throat, and was about to say ‘leave’, but Taehyung growled “What the hell do you want? Just leave her alone.” Jungkook didn’t take his eyes off me.

“Can I speak to you alone?” I didn’t want to, but I found myself nodding. I turned to Taehyung and whispered, almost inaudibly, so Jungkook couldn’t hear me. “I’ll be fine Tae, you can go. I’ll let him say whatever, then tell him to leave.”

Taehyung nodded and walked out, shoulder-barging Jungkook on his way. Even thought Jungkook should have been angry about Taehyung and Hani, he looked like he had no fight in him. I heard the slam of the front door. We were alone. I ran a hand through my messy hair, and looked away refusing to meet his gaze. My gaze fell on the photobook I had left on the table earlier.

“I followed him here”, Jungkook said quietly, breaking the silence. “I heard everything.” My heart dropped, as my memory tried to recall everything that had been said in that conversation. Shit.

“I’m so so-”

“Sorry?”, I finished for him. “Yeah, OK, apology accepted. You can leave.”

“Please y/n, don’t be like this. I had no idea she would do something like that.”

“No you didn’t, because you’d rather believe that I would stoop low enough to make it up”, I replied sternly.

“I was stupid, OK? I should have believed my best friend.”

“I’m not your best friend.” I was sticking to my guns and not giving in. I was sick. Tired. Angry. I hadn’t thrown away this friendship. Jungkook had.

He looked hurt by my response. “Don’t say that y/n.” Another long silence. “Taehyung said you and Hani seemed fine when he left you, so why don’t you go back to her and leave me the hell alone”, I muttered.

“We broke up.”

Stunned silence. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t really in the mood to say ‘I’m sorry’, nor did I want to say ‘ I told you so.”

“Plenty more fish in the sea. Door’s that way”, I said pointing left. I wasn’t going to stand around waiting for him to move, because Jungkook was stubborn, so I started to try and walk out, hoping he’d get the hint.

He stepped in the way, blocking the whole door, and I walked into him instead. I stumbled back away from him, but he grabbed my arm. “What did you mean when you said you broke up because you picked our friendship?”, he asked softly.

I looked away. That was something I didn’t want him ever knowing. “Y/n, please tell me”, he pleaded.

“What good will knowing do?” He didn’t reply but I saw a silent tear roll down his cheek and I caved. I could never stand Jungkook crying. I sighed. “He didn’t like how much time I spent with you so he gave me a choice. You or him.”

“And you picked me...Why did you do that?”, he whispered. My gaze hardened. “Because we were best friends”, I retorted, emphasising the word ‘were’. I tore my arm away from his grasp and pushed past him.

“Y/n...please, you can’t just walk away.”

“You were perfectly fine letting me walk away this morning”, I countered. He was crying. The boy I loved was crying because I was being a cold, heartless bitch. Yet, I wouldn’t stop.

“Give me a chance”, he begged. This friendship had meant a lot to both of us because over the years it had stemmed into something more. We confided in each other, we babied each other, we kept an eye on each other.

“Your first chance was doing nothing when Hani screamed at me. Your second was trying to act normal two weeks later, just because ‘she apologised’. And your third was accusing me of being a liar.”

He nodded slowly. “OK. Is this what you really want? For me to leave you alone?” I was trembling. Literally shaking at the thought of him leaving me. But I was only human. Jungkook had given me too much stress- beyond what I could handle.

“OK”, he repeated softly, taking my silence as a yes. He whispered a final “I’m sorry”, before slowly, steadily backing out and walking away. I watched as he opened the door and reluctantly stepped outside.

His doing. All his fault, y/n. Not yours.

But still I found myself sliding onto the floor, sobbing as if someone close to me had died the moment my door clicked shut. And something had ended today. My friendship with Jeon Jungkook- the boy I loved.


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