Lean on Me Ch. 4


"Jungkook what's going on" I cried. "Noona I can't take him hurting you anymore. I'm going to protect now", he said. As he was point the gun at him his hands were shaking tears running from his eyes. "Kookie please put it down. You don't have to protect me. It's ok you are safe now. He said he will take care of us", indicating Hoseok. "He is lying. It has always been me and you. No one ever wants to help us. You work hard to help us survive." He is interupted by dad. " Boy put that gun down.How dare you point a gun at me. You think you are man? Ha, you are a pussy." He said. "Ya, shut the hell up. You don't talk to him like that." I yelled at him. "Oh the bitch has something to say. But last night you didn't say that." He chuckled. As he said that I saw Hoseok jaw clench he stepped forward. I grabbed his arm to stop him. "Noona what is he talking about? What happened last night?" I shake my head for him not to tell Kookie but he proceeded. " Look on the carpet at the red spot. That your sister's. She was pretty good last night," grabbing his crouch. "Shut the Fuck up you son of a bitch." Hoseok yelled. He was fuming veins started to show in his neck. "Noona is that true? Did he rape you? Jungkook asked hoping I say no. I begin to cry and reply, " it's true." At that moment Jungkook took the safety off and cock the gun loading a bullet into the chamber. Pointing it at dad. I quickly got in my knees and sobbing, begging him not to kill him. "Please don't do it. We can leave right now for forever. We don't have to see him any more. I promise. So put the gun down." "Why should I? You of all people should want him dead." Jungkook said. "You are wrong, I don't want him dead. He will suffer later for the sins he has committed. He will reap what he sows. I don't want you to ruin your life. So give me the gun." As Jungkook is lowering the gun. But dad steps forward and tried to grab the gun. But Hoseok tackles him knocking the gun out of Kookie's hand. Both of them are now on the floor stuggling for the gun. Then there was a loud "pow". I look at the two of them looking around to see what happened. they were checking themselves to see if they were shot. I look at Jungkook holding his stomach. He removes his hand and all I see is blood. He collapses. I quickly rush over to him. Crying, holding his head in my arms. Hoseok frantically got his phone out and called for help. I switched position and tore my shirt to apply pressure to the wound. He was bleeding out too quickly. I yelled "hold on Jungkook help is on the way. Stay with me."

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