He makes your heart go Ringa Linga Linga with his beautiful voice. Can't help but stay up till 1AM listening to his songs. TAEYANG!

Before we start let's take a minute and enjoy his beautiful body he has created through the years🙈

Dong Young-Bae May 18th,1988 Uijeongbu,South Korea Singer,Songwriter Lead Vocals in BIgBang Nicknames:Taeyang,SOL


Who can believe this gorgeous face was too shy around girls. He should've been pullin women left and right.

His virgin lips became no more after this video😭

His Angelic eye smile😇


I can't get over these pictures. Taeyang is going to be an amazing Dad. When he does he better be on Return Of Superman:) (Potential wifey right🙋)

Hope you enjoyed!!


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