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Y/N's pov


I woke up similarly to how I did yesterday. I ate a quick breakfast, cleaned up, got dressed, then left for Big Hit. We walked cautiously down the streets now after yesterday's incident. As I entered the building, Yi DaeChul, the receptionist that probably hates me, strutted towards me and the boys.

"Boys!" She smiled and bowed to the boys kindly. "" She made a quick face at me then went back to her smiley self. "You all have a meeting in the same room as a few days ago when she came here." She drawled out the 'she' as she spoke. "Then after that you need to practice. Yoongi, you will be needed in the recording room before two this afternoon." She bowed to them and turned to leave.

"She's..." I started.

"Yeah, she's really nice." Hoseok beamed. The others nodded and made sounds of agreement. "She helps us with our daily schedules and she sometimes helps us with difficult times. Just about everyone knows her for her kindness." Hoseok then left for the meeting and the rest of us followed.

Yi DaeChul, the woman who has seemed to hate me since the day she saw me. Yes, most people would be madly jealous of me who gets to be around BTS and live with them. Is that why she hates me? The real question is: Why does she hate me if she does? I thought all of this and more about Yi DaeChul on our way to the meeting. Apparently I had really spaced out in the elevator because Jungkook had to pull me out of the elevator.

"You gotta pay attention more. This is not a very good place to space out." Jungkook ruffled my hair and pulled me along to the meeting room. It was the same room I was in on first full day here. The same people were there and a few new ones. One of which was DaeChul chatting and smiling to BTS' manager. They saw us enter and almost immediately quieted.

"Boys!" Their manager went up to them, gave them a quick bow, then sat at his chair near the head of the table. "Everyone, please take a seat." Everyone obeyed and looked at him. "As you can see, we have a few people here that you are not familiar with." He gestured to the first man standing against the wall. "Their names are disclosed but this is the lieutenant officer of the facility, where y/n comes from." The officer bowed then the manager pointed to the other two people standing on the wall. "Two other officers, one is in charge of rules associated with the facility's...uh...experimentals. The other is a head officer for outside safety of the facility's people."

"Y/N, Bangtan boys..." The lieutenant officer stepped up and took off his glasses. "We received our report from yesterday. To Jeon Jungkook and y/l/n y/f/n, I congratulate the both of you for escaping from the facility men's grasps." He gestured for one of the other officers to give him something. "That was just a trial run to see what you are capable of. Don't worry, not every incident will be this extreme. That was one of the harshest incidents there are." He took a sheet from the folder he was holding and ordered for it to be passed down to us.

On the paper was a list of around thirty things and a box beside each statement. We looked at each other in confusion then turned to the facility men. The rules officer stepped up and cleared her throat.

"These aren't exactly rules but they kinda are for the facility men. Within the six months they must complete each of those statements. If you look at them you can see that they are situations." The first one my eyes saw was 'attempt to kiss the participant' near the middle.

"Are these in order of what they need to do?" I asked.

The rule officer shook her head. "Allow me to explain. At the facility there is a division just for you, y/n, and your situation. It is comprised of about one hundred people full time. There are about fifty more that are there on stand by. But there are quite a lot for the outside field, the people you encountered yesterday." I couldn't believe it. There are almost or possibly more than two hundred people whose job is to work for this experiment. "As each situation happens, you can mark off the statement."

"Yesterday..." Taehyung started. "The so-called magician came up to us. We didn't want to fight a random person and have our jobs on the line. We had no way of knowing if it was you all or not." We all nodded.

"I understand. Please know that this is our first attempt at this sort of thing. We have done this once before but not with celebrities or overseas." She pulled a patch out of her pocket and passed it to us. "You will know that they are part of the facility if they are wearing this. It will be worn in one of three places. The chest area, front of hat, or cuff of the sleeve." The patch was an image that seemed familiar to me.

"A key?" Namjoon turned the patch in his hands and read the words around the border of the picture. "'F.A.C.I.L.I.T.Y. for the better of the future'?" The word 'facility' wasn't all lowercase or one uppercase but all uppercase with dots between each letter. That meant the facility wasn't just a place for science with a generic name. It actually meant something. The key was another question to think about and where I had seen the image. Not the words but the key. The key wasn't an ordinary key, it was black with a gold end with a string twisting around the key in a circle. The background was light gray like the walls in the halls of the facility.

"Miss y/l/n..." The safety officer stepped up and seemed nervous. "I can sense that you think the image looks familiar, as it should. We will not tell you where you have seen it since we believe that you can figure it out." He and the other two officers bowed then left the room. The manager spoke as few seconds after they had closed the door.

"You all need to get to practice. Yoongi, remember the meeting today before two. Dismissed." We all stood up and left for our designated area. The boys went to their practice room and I went to my office. People rushed passed me with papers in their hands or talking to someone on the phone without giving me a glance. Everyone seemed busy since a comeback was planned soon. When I reached my office, DaeChul stood in the center of the small cubical with arms crossed. I had no clue how she got to my office faster than I did considering I left the room before she did.

"Miss y/n... you will be moved to a different area closer to BTS' practice room and studios. I doubt you have anything in here, but if you do, gather it quickly and follow me." She turned and walked past me out of the office. Of course, I didn't have anything in my office yet so I followed her up to the floor of BTS' practice room and studios.

"I don't remember there being any offices on this floor." I looked down the halls that we passed.

"There aren't any. There's basically one big room in the center of this floor that have four stations, one of which will be yours." We walked past BTS' practice room where music was playing. Just past that was said room that she said. "This one will be yours." She pointed to the first desk with a computer and chair and took a step to the side to let me see my new "office." "This is a communication computer. This is used in case you need to contact someone immediately and they won't pick up their phone or something. Only use it if it is urgent and they are not replying. You are able to contact BTS' manager, PD-nim, BTS themselves in their practice room or their studios, and me with this."

I walked over to the other two computers and looked at in confusion.

"These are for other people that have similar jobs that are rounded to BTS." She sighed in annoyance and left the way we came.

"Y/N!!" Jimin and Taehyung burst out of the practice room and spotted me.

"Told you she'd be here." Jimin ran up beside me holding his side.

"Y/N! Kookie passed out just now!" Taehyung said.

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