So this is one of my Very First Drafts for The Bionic Magic King Ft. Kongou from Kancolle

*Zakku is in his room studying some attack strategies that would guarantee him certain victory over a Zodiac Stage Gastrea, when there are loud heavy footsteps approaching down to his room**There is a Loud Knock on the door and it explodes open, It's Kongou, she races and jumps into Zakku's lap* Ad-Mi-Rallllllll!!!!! What are you doing?* Zakku is a little nervous his mind is racing * She doesn't know about my Magic King abilities, how am I gonna tell her?* Zakku replies nervously* Just drawing out some attack plans for the next Abyssal base invasion!* Kongou's Eyes are Starry-eyed* You're so cool and hunky, I love you, chu!❤* *Kongou looks up at Zakku and smiles* Hey Let's go on a Date it's almost Tea time and the Rabbit House has the best Black tea in town! Chino-chan is there too!*Zakku smiles while Kongou pulls on his arm excitedly* Alright alright, Let's go* The two both set off to the Rabbit House*

*Kongou and Zakku are walking down a quiet shopping district, Kongou says as she as she wraps around Zakku's arm* It's a very pretty day today isn't it?* Zakku replies* Yea there doesn't seem to be any chaos like there has been a few months ago.* Zakku has an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach* Something doesn't feel right! It's way to quiet, I have to keep my guard up. *Zakku looks at a smiling Kongou and says* If anything was to happen on land I need to stay back and let me handle it, alright, I won't forgive myself if you got hurt* Kongou looks at Zakku* *Suddenly a loud explosion occurs on the opposite side of the block**Zakku is Alerted* What was that?! *Zakku looks at Kongou* Whatever caused that explosion I have to check it out and I need to make sure she's safe.* Zakku Looks up and he sees a Stage 3 Falcon Gastrea, the beast that has eluded him for five years* Well I'll be damned what is that thing doing here! I have to destroy it now! I can't let it kill anymore people! I have to protect the ones I love!* Kongou looks at Zakku* What are you going to do Admiral? * Zakku looks at Kongou* I'm going to protect you. I have something to show you* *Zakku looks at Kongou and picks her up and warps her to a safe area* How did you do that, Admiral?!?* Zakku replies* I'll tell as soon as I get back, right now I have something precious to protect!* Kongou looks at Zakku and kisses Him on the cheek* Go get em, Tiger I know you can beat it* Zakku flashes a confident smile and warps away to the top of a nearby building where Falcon is circling some people* Zakku calls out* HEY You overgrown Mutated Birdbrain Up here!* Zakku Materializes a pistol and fires a warning shot, The Falcon notices Zakku* *Kongou watches as Zakku leaps from the Building, Her heart begins to race*

*Zakku Chants as he's free-falling* Connecting to the Gula Archive, Execute Mantra Enchant!* Zakku's body starts glowing red as the Falcon flies at full speed with its beak set on piercing the heart of Zakku, He takes the hit as He and the Falcon go straight through 2 buildings* *Kongou has a concerned looks on her face and is almost crying* Please be okay Admiral Zakku I don't know what I'd do if you were gone* Just then she sees the Falcon take flight high in the sky and circling and it starts to dive at Zakku again at full speed* Kongou looks over and she sees Zakku standing tall, but something catches her eye* He's not hurt, His body is glowing red! His clothes are torn but he's unscathed, What is he?! Soo Hunky* Kongou's Eyes are filled with hearts*

* Zakku Chants* Re-Connecting to the Acedia Archive, Executing the Stagn Thema*Zakku's mind is racing * This would be risky if I was a normal Mage, but since my Magic King powers can handle it I can reconnect to anyone of these and perform it's Last Crest* Zakku Chants louder* GET FROZEN IN THE VOID* A transparent Magic Barrier forms around Zakku and the Falcon Gastrea over the are where they fighting* Kongou notices that the Falcon isn't moving* It's frozen in mid dive* She looks over at Zakku and her Jaw drops* Zakku Flashes that conceited smile and Materializes a Magic Energy Cannon, He activates his Right Arm, And his Right Leg and left leg and his left Eye and Chants One more time* Connecting to the Gula Archive and Luxuria Archive, Execute Mantra Enchant* Zakku Stands tall with his Magic Energy Cannon* GET BLOWN TO HELL!!!! MEGA METEORIC HELLFIRE!!!!!!* Zakku Fires his Magic Energy Cannon and the beam forms into a fiery Red Dragon and consumes the Falcon Whole, The Barrier Breaks open like glass and the Energy beam Lights up the night, His Falcon Hunt is over, He is groggy* That was for my Daughter whose parents you took away and for the others I love and must protect* Zakku sees Kongou and he warps up to her and hugs her tightly* I'm sorry I've kept this power a secret from you it's meant to protect all of you* Kongou is crying tears of joy* You're Okay, You're Okay! I'm so happy! * Zakku replies and looks at Kongou in the eyes* It takes more than that to break me, Kongou! *Kongou is confused* I'm a Magic King, the world's strongest Mage, other people refer to me as a Demon Lord but Magic King sounds so much better because well I'm not a Demon* Zakku smiles Cheerfully, Kongou looks up at Zakku and smiles* I knew my feelings for you were real and the fact that you are in fact that strong I think I've fallen in love with you even more, I may not know that much about your past but I know you can overcome any situation that's put in front of you, it makes you that much Hotter, you know* Zakku Blushes* Oh Stop I'm blushing* *Kongou smiles* That was a fun date but looks like tea time will have to wait* Zakku replies* What do you mean?* Kongou has a rather naughty smile about her, she leans in* How about we talk about it some more in your room?* Zakku leans in and Kisses Kongou* Whatever you want, I'm game.* Zakku grabs Kongou and they warp away back to His Compound*

Did Someone Say Tea Time?❤❤

Anyway guys I hope you've enjoyed One of my Original stories! I made this because I wanted to explore some possible Scenarios I might have in store for Zakku after the First Time-Skip! Let me know if you guys enjoyed it! Leave a Like, It helps me out alot! Stay Tuned for Chapter 6 of the Bionic Magic King Where we start a new Arc!!


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