Learn Colors With K-Idols

Here are some cards to help you learn how to say colors in Korean. There are actually cases were a color has two or more names. For more clarification, please refer to -> http://www.koreanwikiproject.com/wiki/index.php?title=Colors http://www.byki.com/lists/korean/colors.html Below are the Korean texts. Please feel free to utilize Google Translate to hear how they're pronounced :) Card 1 - 빨강색 Card 2 - 노랑색 Card 3 - 분홍색 / 핑크색 Card 4 - 녹색 Card 5 - 보라색 Card 6 - 주황색 Card 7 - 파란색 Card 8 - 검정색 Card 9 - 하얀색

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