Is Short Hair Less Pretty Than Long Hair?

Model Ruth Bell and why she decided to shave her head on TeenVogue

Ruth Bell landed on a McQueen campaign and the one condition she has to follow to actually get the job is to buzz her head. Without thinking twice she shaved her long hair. Surprisingly, she really likes the cut and felt more free. One statement from the interview that has caught my attention was this.

Society thinks long hair equates WITH ‘pretty,’ but I never really had an attachment to mine — I’ve always considered hair more of a nuisance than something that I liked to have and, you know, do things with.

It's true society has shape our mind to thinking long hair is beautiful and attractive while short hair is not as pretty. In another sense, I think long hair is like a security blanket. It's something you've been with for a long time and it's hard to let go.

So, the one thing I learned from this interview is don't let society define what is pretty!

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