Womanizer pt. 4

Saturday. 10:30 pm - Clothes- black shorts, white shirt, white vans, no makeup(of course), hair in bun. I am so bored. I thought. I looked up at the roof. I was laying down in my bed with nothing to do. I looked at my phone which was right beside me. A message popped up, I grabbed and checked it out. It was an unknown number. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ???: Hey (Y/N)! wanna hang out? (Y/N):Who Is this? ???: It's me yoongi:) (Y/N): What do you want? And how'd you get my number?! Yoongi:That's not important, I just want to get to know you better that's all;) (Y/N): No thanks, and stop being creepy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I turned off my phone and got up. I went to the kitchen and went towards the fridge. I looked up and tip toed, I reached my hand out and grabbed my ( favorite cereal ). Once I did, I opened the fridge to grab milk. Sadly there wasn't any:( I grabbed my hoodie and placed it on. I put on my white vans and left my apartment. I went walking to a store, as I was walking I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw no one there. okaay' I thought. I keeped on walking. *Click click click* I turned around again and saw no one. I slowly turned back around and ran for mah life! 'Oh hell no!' I thought. Once I got inside the store. I looked through the window. I freaked out bad when I did. I saw a man, in a black jacket. I didn't want the people in the store to panicked nor make a comotion and they will blame it on me and then the guy is going to find me and kill me! My thoughts were intrupted by a hand shaking me. I looked up and saw... Yoongi. Thank god!Right now I was desperate for anyone to help. Suga: What's wrong (Y/N)? I've been calling you're name but you wouldn't listen. I tryed to sound as calm as I could be but it backfired. (Y/N): There's a m-man that's f-following me. nice try (Y/N). I thought. The shakiness in my voice made him mad I guess? He looked in the window and saw the man. Suga: What we're you gunna buy? (Y/N): huh. oh um milk. He grabed a milk and placed it in front of the cashier. He took out his wallet and paid for it. He went back to me and grabbed my arm. Suga: Let's go. (Y/N): B-but the m- I got tugged by the arm and he led me outside. Right now we were standing face to face with the man. Suga: Do you have any business with her? Man: N-no no of course not! Suga: Then why are you here? Man: I came here to pick up my nephew! Suga: Tsk! If you are trying to sneak up to her I will beat the crap out of you! Man: And why's that? Suga: She is my girlfriend and I won't let anyone touch her! My heart skipped a beat. Man: Yea right, prove it! Suga: Prove what part? Man: That you two are a couple! No! please no this can't be happening! I don't want my first kiss to be a Womanizer! But at the same time it wont be that bad if it's my crush. I looked at him with unsure eyes. He looked at me gently and smiled at me. I might have a heart attack!!! As he leaned in he placed his hand on my head and his other hand on my waist pulling me in closer. The only thing I focused on was his kissable lips. Yoongi's Pov~ As I pulled her in close, I saw her looking at my lips so I decided to spice things up! As she was looking at my lips, I slowly licked my lips seductively and then bit my bottom lip wile smirking. Her face turned red and it was kinda cute. Her hair was up and I can finally see her features. She looked flawless! I leaned in and kissed her sweet, small, deliciously, pink lips. She hesitated at first bit then went along with it. We both separated and looked at the man. He just coughed and then left. Yoongi: There, he left. I looked at (Y/N) and her face was red like a tomato! Yoongi: pfft... Hahahaha!! Omo! hahaha! (Y/N): W-whats so funny!? Yoongi: Your face! it's priceless!!haha! She turned around and started to walk away. Yoongi: Hey wait! I pulled her sleeves. She stoped and looked at me. She went back to being emotionless. 'Why do you have to be so stupid yoongi! She was really intresting!' I thought. (Y/N): What is it? Yoongi: I'll walk you home. (Y/N): No thanks. And I'll pay you back later. She turned around and started walking. I followed her to her apartment. (Y/N)'s Pov~ Why is he following me! Omo, I can't believe my first kiss is taken away by him! I don't know how I feel! Should I feel happy, sad, or discusted? I held my hand close to my chest and thought. 'Stay calm, stay calm!' Dammit! I totally lost my cool there!

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