Warm Bodies - Movie About a Lonely Zombie

How was everyone's long weekend?

This was a busy weekend and I did a lot of cleaning. Which is great because during the week I don't have much time to handle housework. I even made my first broccoli soup from scratch. I was so excited and focused I forgot to take pictures. It wasn't the best in terms of presentation but it was good. Healthy type of good. At the end of all the house chores my husband and I got some downtime to enjoy a movie together.

This time we watched Warm Bodies.

I almost passed on this one but gave it shot. I highly recommend it if you looking for some action, a good soundtrack, and zombies! The plot is pretty much typical but what love story isn't? The thing I really enjoy abou this is the character's. It doesn't only focus on the romantic relationship. I would say friendship and feeling "connected" again is what eventually cure the zombie plague.


Starring Nicholas Hult and Teresa Palmer. Palmer resembles Kristen Stewart in some angles but don't mistaken this as another Twilight type of film. Nicholas Hoult's role here is pretty hilarious. Watch it!

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