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HELLO EVERYONE XD. This is my first fan fiction I am doing. My very first!! This was made for my Unni ❤❤( isn't my Unni beautiful!?!)@MrsBangYongguk !!! I hope you enjoy!! *bows*

Genre: FLUFF!!! \^_^/ Pairing: Coreena X Yongguk This story is a Oneshot.

It was a sunny Saturday. There were no clouds in sight. The sky was blue almost as blue as the ocean. Yongguk was cooking. A sweet nice warm breakfast just for the love of his life. And the love of his life was named Coreena. It was their 5 year anniversary of marriage. He planned a special day for him and Coreena. She was asleep while he was still cooking. The food was ready but his sleeping beauty was not up yet. Yongguk thought "maybe I should wake her up." He quietly went into their room. He jumped onto the bed causing her to wake up. Yongguk said " Good morning my beautiful wife." He gave her playful cute kisses. Coreena was smiling and blushing. She was very happy. He picked her up bridal style and carried her to the kitchen. She could smell the yummy food. "Mmmmmmm... Breakfast smells yummy....Oppa did you make all of this for me?"she said. He acted shy and cute. Yongguk responded with a shy and cute response as he looked down to the floor blushing. " Yes I did Jagiya... today is our 5 year anniversary and....well..I wanted to start off your day with a nice breakfast." " Awwww Oppa are to sweet to me. I love you. Thank you for making me breakfast. I will eat well...but you better eat with me. I won't be able to eat all of this yummy food!" Coreena said as she hugged him. Yongguk was very very shy. He hugged Coreena back and said " I love you too jagiya." He kissed her forehead as she blushed. " I have a very special day planned for us so eat before it gets cold." He said smiling. They both started to eat the food he made. Yongguk explained the day to Coreena. What they will be doing, What time, and what is after. "Mmmmm. It is delicious Oppa!! Thank you very much." She said as she kissed his cheek. Yongguk blushed so hard his cheeks looked red as a tomato. They finished eating the yummy breakfast. Yongguk took Coreena's hand. He looked at her at in the eyes. Her eyes sparkled as Yongguk said " I love you...forever and ever.." and he leaned in to kiss her. Coreena pulled away from the kiss and said " I love you to Yongguk." They started to clean up their house. They didn't expect company. But there was a knock on the door. Coreena opened the door and it was Zelo. "Zelo what are you doing here right now?" said Coreena. " Ahh..I forgot my skateboard here.... my wife challenged me." "Have a challenge over what?" Yongguk asked. " She challenged me to see who can do the most tricks while in the air" Zelo said as he rubbed his neck. Coreena lead Zelo to the garage to get his skate boar. Zelo quickly grabbed his skate board. As he left he said "Thank you. By Yongguk hyung. Bye Coreena." Zelo left closing the door. Yongguk felt a bit annoyed that his cute special plans were interrupted by Zelo. Yongguk sighed because the plans were interrupted. Coreena heard him sigh and she ask " You ok Oppa? Is it because Zelo interrupted us?" Yongguk responded with an madish annoyed tone of voice. "*sighs* Yes it is because Zelo interrupted us." Coreena giggled " Oppa don't be we still have the whole day to celebrate!!" Yongguk cheered up to hear her say that.

Yongguk took Coreena's hand and kisses. He said next up on our special day is shopping for you. Yongguk opened the car door like a gentlemen. Coreena got in the car. Yongguk drove to a nice mall. They went insde the mall. " Wow I have never been to this mall before! It's so neat and full of bright colors!!" Yongguk smiled as Coreena pulled him to a K-pop store inside the mall. There was alot of merchandize. Yongguk saw a poster of B.A.P and one of Zelo. Yongguk frowned at the sight of Zelo's poster. Coreena noticed Yongguk frowning. " What is wrong Oppa? Why are you frowning?" She asked. " Nothing" he replied with a smile. They bought merchandize, albums, T-shirts etc. They explored the mall. They put all the thing they bought inside the car. Yongguk said " Jagiya close your eyes until we get there." "Fine!" She said giggling as she closed her eyes. He drove Coreena to her favorite amusement park. She wanted to peak but she knew Yongguk wouldn't be happy if she peaked at something special. He got out of the car and helped Coreena out while her eyes were still closed. He lead her to entrance while holding her. " Open your eyes beautiful we are here" He said as she opened her eyes. She smiled like a little kid. Yongguk lightly pinched her cheeks. " Oppa what if I get scared on rides?" He responded with a smile " I'll keep you safe." They went on a huge rollercoaster. Coreena grabbed Yongguk's hand " Oppa this ride goes all the way up." He held her to keep her safe as they waited in line. They got on the ride. They buckled up and the employees made sure they were secure and safe. The ride started to go. Yongguk held her hand to make her feel safe. They went a long way down, a spin, upside down, side ways. After the ride was over it was Yongguk who was scared. Coreena giggled as she said "look who is scared now!" Yongguk legs where trembling after the ride. They went on the Ferris Wheel. Yongguk was still scared from the rides. " I- I dont know about this Jagi...It seems dangerous... Why don't we go to the haunted house?" He said in a scared voice. " Oppa it is just the Ferris Wheel it is romantic when we are at the top! Pleaseee for me" Coreena said as she pouted. "Fine...anything for my beautiful wife" he said as he smiled. They went onto the Ferris wheel. They were on the top they saw the entire place. Yongguk leaned close to Coreena and gave her a sweet soft long kiss. A kiss that felt like an angel wrapping it wings to protect her. To keep her away from all dangers.

They got off it was 8:00 pm. The sun was still up but the stars started to sparkle jut like Coreena's eyes sparkled every time she looked at Yongguk. " I have one last surprised" Yongguk said. Coreena smiled and got in the car. " You're gonna have to close your eyes for this one to my darling" he said with a smile. " Again?! But Oppa" she pouted as she said. " Jagi it is a surprise... just close your eyes....please.." Yongguk said. Coreena closed her eyes. Yongguk thought " How am going to tell her I am part an angel? Should I show her my wing? will she freak out...will she divorce me if I tell her?"Coreena had her eyes closed as he drove them to the place they met. The park under the cherry blossom tree. "We're here Jagi...You can open your eyes. " As Coreena opened her eyes her eyes sparkled like a star. She smiled and blushed. The sun was setting and the stars were more visible. Yongguk opened the car door for her. He got out dinner and they had a picnic. They ate the dinner Yongguk made. " MMMMM Oppa you make delicious food!! Thank you!! I love you." She said. Yongguk smiled and blushed. He said "Jagi.... I need to tell you something." "What is it Oppa?" She said as she smiled. " When you saw me frowning at Zelo's poster...." he said as he sighed. She listened closely wondering what it would be about. " Me and Zelo...are angels....Zelo is an angel of darkness....and I-I am an angel of light" he sighed as he said. " I have never trusted him even though he hasn't done anything bad." He said. He stood up and spread his wings as the light from the moon made his wings shine. He flew up in the sky to show her. " I-I was not sure what you would do if I told you..I was scared that I would loose you." He said. " Zelo also turned his wife into an angel of darkness...just to keep her. They other angels wont let us date or marry anyone except angels but only angels of our kind. I am only allowed to date angels of light. That protect and Zelo is only allowed to date angels of darkness which cause chaos but he always protects other." He said as Coreena listened. " Especially his wife he didn't want to loose her either." He said. Coreena asked " But why were you frowning at him?" Yongguk replied " It gets me mad how we don't get along just because we are from different sides. I mean we do get along...but only when his wife is around or at the studio" Coreena gave Yongguk a big hug. " You will never loose me even if you are something different. I love you very much. I will talk to Zelo's wife about this" She replied with a smile. " I love you too jagiya..." He spread his wings grabbed Coreena and flew with her holding her close. She kissed Yongguk while in the air. She felt so happy and safe with him.

PHEWW XD That was my first fan fiction!! I hope you enjoyed and I know many of you write fan fictions. So please please give me tips and advice to become a better writer!! I know this story isn't that good but I hope you enjoyed it!! ❤❤❤ THANK YOU!! *bows*

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