Daddy's Diaries

Coming soon, Daddy's Diaries will be brought you not in theaters, but in the pages of Shownu, the dad of Monsta X himself.

Daddy's Diaries, is a collection of Shownu's diary entries that capture his children's lives and their monstrous household filled with chaos, humor, and an appetite for food bigger than Lay's ever growing trend of weird flavors like salsa peach jasmine tea nacho cheese or whatever new flavors that lurk in the chips aisle(what's next, idol flavored apple jacks?).

Jump inside the pages Shownu provides exclusively just for you. He invites you to have a plate of beautiful chaos inside of his family's life and beautiful housewife, Kihyun.

Stay tuned for his first entry Boys Night In. You'll be surprised what the shy, usually portrayed robot leader of the group has in mind. He definitely leaves nothing to the imagination.

If you want to be tagged in Dad's Diaries, feel free to comment below. He won't mind if you trespass as long as you don't call him robot and insists you call him Skittles, cus his mood is every color of the rainbow.

Daddy's Diaries entry one now released!

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