MORḠ-E SAḤAR is a taṣnif (song)

"Morq-e sahar" (Persian:مرغ سحر) (translated as Dawn Bird) is a famous Iranian Tasnif written by Morteza Neydavoud and Mohammad-Taqi Bahar in early 20th century. It was first recorded by Moluk Zarrabi. Its content deals with political and social issues. It was later performed by numerous Iranian singers including Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri, Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, Leila Forouhar, Homayoun Shajarian, Farhad Mehrad, Shakila and Mohsen Namjoo. First stanza Dawn bird, lament! Make my brand burn even more. With the sparks from your sigh, break And turn this cage upside down. Wing-tied nightingale come out of the corner of your cage, and Sing the song of freedom for human kind. With your fiery breath ignite, The breath of this peopled land. The cruelty of the cruel and the tyranny of the hunter Have blown away my nest. O God, O Heavens, O Nature, Turn our dark night to dawn. It’s a new spring, roses are in bloom Dew drops are falling from my cloudy eyes This cage, like my heart, is narrow and dark. O fiery sigh set alight this cage O fate, do not pick the flower of my life. O rose, look towards this lover , Look again, again, again. O heart-lost bird, shorten, shorten, shorten, The tale of separation. Second stanza Truth’s life has come to an end Faith and fidelity have been replaced by the shield of war. Lover’s lament and beloved’s coyness, Are but lies and have no power. Truth, love and affection are but myths Oath and honour are but vanished. For thieving, country and religion are pretexts, eyes are wet Landlord’s cruelty, master’s tyranny, The farmer’s restless from sorrow. The cup of the rich is full of pure wine, Our cup is filled with our heart’s blood. O anxious heart, cry out aloud And avoid those who have powerful hands,

i'm from Iran no Islamic republic
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