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So okay, I need someone that is a huge EXO-L and knows a lot about other groups to help me with my story. I am writing a Krisho story and I always try to make my stories as real as possible. I'm always asking stuff like, who likes Junmyeon besides Jongdae or who would be Heechul's boyfriend(something I'm actually still trying to figure out) I just need someone that maybe could assist me with things that I might not know right now. If you want to help out, you can add me on Kik or Kakao Talk and I will talk to you there.

If you want to read the story it's here (recommended if you want to be in the loop xD but not required [gosh why does this sound like a job ;-; I promise it's not xD]): Kik: neo_is_realo Kakao Talk: KaisooWithMySoo And just keep in mind that I'm not going to be asking you ONLY these questions, if you want I can just chat with you as well, you can help keep me in the loop about comebacks and events, or we can just freak out over all the idols, I don't mind having KPOP friends, we all could use more xD

Just message me and I will start talking to you, let me know what you want, and I promise it's not like a job, I won't require you to do anything, if you would just answer me when I ask questions, that's all I ask (/.\) I'm going to tag my flufflies but by all means, don't feel it's a requirement (: @Helixx@GDsGF@Mikim000@DenieceSuit@jeppblackmen@JasmineWilliams@elizabeth1234@kpossible4250@MalihaAhmed@ivyheart13@KaylinJones@patoramirez9798@luisacarmona@GamerKyumin@HuonTreeRoo@Michellelbarra@Jiyongixoxo@Maddie27@QueenLele@AlexAckerman@ESwee@katyng52@YunBao@faerylia

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