Minsu main info:Name: Kim Minsu / 김민수 Stage name: Minsu / 민수 Nicknames: Russian Boy, Vampire Minsu Position: Dancer and vocals Birthday: April 15, 1993 Height: 175cm (5'8) Weight: 55kg (121lbs) Nationality: Korean Hobbies: Skateboarding and writing raps Twitter:@BoysRepublic_MS Fun Facts: •Fans named him “Russian boy” because of his sharp nose and chin. •Minsu claims that he’s in charge of the group’s sexiness and charisma, but the members and fans say he has the most 4d personality among the members. •His favorite artists are Michael Jackson and Marilyn Manson. •Minsu is actually really clumsy. There was a time the boys were going back to the hotel after their debut stage, and Minsu was so happy he hit a post on the way back to the hotel. •Minsu is a deep thinker. He carefully thinks things through before doing them. •In an interview during the Making of “Rookie King: Boys Republic”, Minsu was voted “the member who will likely never get married”. Wonjun commented “It’s because he thinks so hard on just trivial things. What more if he chooses the girl he wants to marry?” •Fans pair Minsu with Sungjun. Often called “MinJun”, “SungMin”, “Rap Line”, and “OppaDeuls” (as called by the K-RF). •There was a time where Minsu posted a picture, a drawing of a girl (probably drawn by him), and he said “If I see my ideal type in the crowd, then I will go down from the stage!!” •Minsu said he wanted to try modeling despite not meeting the physical requirements. •Skateboarding is his hobby. You can actually see his skills through the “Orange Sky” MV. •Minsu hates worms, rainy days and ghosts. •He is close with Block-B’s B-bomb and has danced together in “PROJECT X” along with Doobu (3DCOLOR), Daeil (24K), and J. Heart (N-Sonic). •Minsu was in a dance unit with Cross Gene’s Sangmin and C-Clown’s Kangjun. •Minsu danced to HyunA’s RED with red lipstick on (Idol School) •He’s a big fan of solo artist IU •Minsu Believes in confidence. His motto is “If you do not have confidence, nothing will end well.” •Minsu’s ideal type: has fair skin and is puppy-like.

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