Things You Didn't Know About Lost Mails!

Dead Letter Office

The title was interesting and I had time so why not! After reading the article I found out all our lost mails aren't actually lost. The ones that failed during the process of delivering are sent to the Dead Letter Office. The contemporary name for that is The USPS Mail Recovery Center. That will be the last place your mail ends up if it doesn't reach you. After a certain amount of time, USPS will open the package and auction off the content to highest bidder. According to 99% invisible's site,

"Many of the bidders at these auctions are resellers, buying from the USPS and then immediately putting purchased goods back up for auction on websites like eBay."


Long story short. I'm glad my shipment is throughs UPS not USPS. I heard Fedex is the best out of all three service. I still have to do my research and dig in a little deeper, but this was interesting!

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