Proclivity Part 10

Leo is called early the next morning for the group meeting. All aggression from the previous night is gone; instead he seems unsure and nervous. You remind yourself that both of you are new to this relationship and emotions. Both of you have much to learn from each other and about each other. However, at the moment he seems like such an unsure little boy, you just want to pull him into your arms. Why not you ask yourself? You have the right now, so you do. He buries his face in your hair, his arms clinging tight around your back.

“Are you okay?”

“I lost it with Ravi, he’s my best friend; I could have seriously hurt him. How did I do that?” He pulls away and looks you in the eyes. “What if he and the guys can’t forgive me?”

You look him straight in the eyes and remind him. “You’ve all been brothers for years. They love you, they will forgive you.”

“What if they won’t let you move in? I can’t stand you being so far away; I need you like I need air these days.” He looks down embarrassed and mumbles, “That’s what it feels like”.

You smile and lift his face, kissing him gently on the lips. “That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard, thank you." You shrug, "If they don’t want me moving in, we’ll deal with it and figure something else out. It will be okay, but you better get going, they’ll be waiting.”

He nods, gives you an anything but sweet kiss; grins mischievously and walks out the door.

You shake your head at him and laugh as you close the door.

“It’s about time,” Ken states as he walks in the door. Leo ignores him, walks over and takes a seat on the couch.

“Leo?” N asks; Leo looks over at him, “I’m sorry.”

He then raises his eyes to look across at Ravi who’s avoiding his stare.


“Hyung.” He shakes his head, “I can’t. I’m still embarrassed by it all.”

He gets up and moves over next to him, putting his hand on his leg.

“That makes two of us. Forgive me?”

Ravi looks up at him in shock. “Forgive you? For what? Protecting what's yours?”

He shakes his head, “No. For not being able to control myself. I know you are friends, but we are brothers, I don’t want to lose you. But if you make me choose I will choose my mate. Please don’t make me.”

He looks up at all of them, “Please don’t any of you make me”.

“We aren’t here to make you choose between her and us Leo. We all know how important finding your mate is; we can’t understand your emotions right now but can only hope that one day we all will." N looks around at the all the heads nodding in agreement.

“What we are here to talk about is that those emotions are giving him a bad time, especially now that they are completely bonded.”

Ken, Hongbin, and Hyuk all look over in shock and talk at once.

“What? When? Last night? If you weren’t bonded until after we left than what was the scene with Ravi about?”

N holds his hand up for silence and shakes his head. “The when doesn’t matter but it was before we were there yesterday. Understandably, Leo feels that he needs to be close to his mate to protect her and keep her safe. He would like to ask if she can move in since he has his own room.”

Ken is the only one unaware of all that's happened and is sitting there looking confused. “Let me clear this up for myself. Leo’s mate is now his FULL mate in this realm as well as the spiritual. Way to go big guy! But because of this he and Ravi had a fight last night? Where? You guys were all here and Leo wasn’t when I got home. And now Leo wants her to move in but isn’t that going to be a problem for Ravi? Don't you have feelings for her dude?”

During his rambling and questions, heads have nodded, shoulders shrugged and even a high five occurred.

N quiets everyone down again, “What happened yesterday is no longer important. Right Ravi and Leo?”

Both nod; look at each other, than give each other a hug. N smiles, feeling better that his boys are back where they all belong with each other.

“There are two questions; one for all of us, the other for Leo. First, could each of you handle a female living here with us or would it be uncomfortable for you? Give that considerable thought. Leo, could you handle her being accidentally touched by one of us and then not accidentally as she becomes a member of this family? Remember your reaction to me as well as to Ravi yesterday.”

“To you?!?” Ravi looks between them, “Did you make a pass at her?”

N laughs, “No. I simply made the mistake of attempting to touch her, immediately after their bonding. To my credit, I didn’t know that had just occurred. A point for all of us to know as we’ve observed Leo this past day; maybe it would be better if when we find our mates, we isolate ourselves together.”

Heads nodded and eyes looking off in different directions as each thinks of not only the question presented to the group but what their lives could become when they find their mates. Ravi is the first to speak up.

“I know all of you are concerned about my reaction to this but she is my friend. It would be nice to know she is safe; plus she really does fit in with us. I thought that before, now it’s a little obvious as to why.”

Leo grins and bows his head as Ravi jabs him with an elbow. Each in the group is given a chance to air any concerns and share their feelings about what this could mean.

In the middle of preparing your schedule for next semester you catch yourself humming. One of your roommates walks by, “That’s a pretty tune what is it?”

That stops you and you look up at her, “I don’t know”.

She shrugs, “You had to have heard it somewhere. When you figure it out let me know, I like it.” She looks over your shoulder at the calendar mess. Things are crossed off, scratched out, circled; “Wow. That doesn’t look hum worthy.” She claps you on the shoulder, “Good luck with all that”.

You throw a crumpled up paper at her back as she laughingly walks out of the room. You gratefully grab for your phone when you receive a text.

LEO: Jagi. Pack. I’ll be by to collect you at dinner. Heading to studio. I have a song in my head I need to work out.

YOU: I assume that means they said yes? I need to tell my roommates. A song? New song? Play it for me later?

LEO: Yes. Do it. Yes. Yes. Alright.

You look down, shake your head, and laugh. Well, no one ever said he was an eloquent man.


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