Save Me : PT 9

They were all sitting around a few tables that they pushed together on the patio of the boy’s favorite place to eat. Hobi insisted of seating everyone and he made sure to put Yoongi right in front of her. Apparently her being unenthusiastic to see him meant that he should be by her. Andrea was to her right across from Hobi and Jess was beside her across from Jimin. Cree was to her left across of Namjoon who seemed to be ignoring everyone, Koko was beside her deep in conversation with Taehyung. What they could have been talking about so soon after meeting each other was beyond her. “Do you trust me enough to order for you?” Hobi was super excited like he knew exactly what she would like. “Not everybody likes that greasy mess of a hamburger that you always eat. How are you not a blimp by now?” Yoongi was at least somewhat talkative at least to his friend. “It’s called dancing Yoongi. You know it’s nice to have a hobby. WORK is not a hobby so don’t even try.” “Oh you dance? I used to dance back in the states.” Andrea was instantly hooked into the conversation. “If by used to dance back in the states you mean bouncing around with me inside my apartment where no one could see you yes you did it quite a bit.” It was so natural to pick on her best friend. “I did more than just that and you know it.” Their conversation was cut off by someone in a chef’s coat coming up to the table. “Oh hey Kat, how have you been?” Hobi was waving franticly. “I’m doing good. I see you have new people with you today, you’re also missing a few.” “Oh Jin’s back home making sure Jung kook eats. He didn’t really want to come out tonight.” “Yea I understand his reasoning. Should I go ahead and start making your usual? If you ladies know what you want, I can go ahead and get that started too. Though since it looks like a party I could make you all a few pizzas to share. It’s not going on the special’s menu till tomorrow but you are my favorite customers.” “Pizza~!” Cree practically shouted out. From her shirt and how loud she was it was one of her favorite things to eat. “All of your food is so good. We will go with pizza then. I so can’t wait.” Hobi was doing a little dance in his seat. “So a cheese, a peperoni, and a…” “Can you do a margarita pizza. It’s my favorite kind.” Nabi loved pizza as much as the next girl but a lot of the time they were super greasy with all the cheese and peperoni. “Sure thing.” Kat left to go make the pizzas while everyone chatted away. Looking around she saw Jess and Jimin talking which was a good sign. Hobi and Andrea were engrossed in talking about dance. Koko and Tae had been talking almost nonstop the whole time they had been here. Cree was looking a little bored seeing as Namjoon was not being that sociable, she could say the same thing about Yoongi.


I am a young Chef trying to make my way in the world. I am inspired by music, mostly kpop, and love finding new things.
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