Fly me away! Part 14

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“So you keep a pack of candy like me?” Suga questioned. “Anyone want twizzlers?” Daniella asked. I couldn’t help but grin. “Apparently not the only one” I said before raising my hand. “Is it the kind were you get to peel it apart?” I asked her. She laughed. “I have those and regular licorice” she added as she eyed my raised hand. It stayed up. “Can I have one!” I asked. “Sure!” she said. “Um why do you have your hand up?” Daniella asked pointing to my raised hand. I looked up staring at it too. Trinity raised her hand. “Oh oh oh I know the answer!” she said excitedly. “Because it’s fun” Kooki said raising his hand. It made me laugh. “No no I wanna answer!” trinity said. I put my hand down. “Your turn” I said to her. “It’s because she’s short” she said bluntly. “And quiet” she added. “How are you quiet? You been talking the whole time? Namjoon questioned. “Oh she hasn’t always been this way. Ari used to be the silent one in the group, only spoke when necessary or when she had something important to say. So when she wanted to be heard in a group she developed a habit of raising her hand.” Trinity explained. “Like in school?” Daniella questioned. “Yes!” Trinity said. “Omo the first time she ever did it everyone stopped talking and just stared at her until no one was talking. Than she spoke and put her hand down. The looks on their faces were priceless” Trinity laughed. “Well when I don’t want to be rude and just talk over people I would wait patiently” I added than laughed. “Now it’s a habit that everyone is accustomed to. They still laugh and stop talking after they say ‘and Ari’s turn’” I laughed. “So in short, you raise your hand to speak in a group?” Daniella summarized. “Pretty much.” I laughed. “I don’t do it at parties though!” I added. “Well that’s good. People would probably think your weird” Daniella said. “Oh I am. And no the only time I did it, no one noticed or cared so last time I did it” I told her. “I’m okay with my weirdness” I added. I tilted my head and looked over towards Trinity. “You know I once saw a show that had a girl use a bicycle bell to get through a crowd. I thought that was a great idea” I said, she laughed. “You would not really do that would you?” Namjoon questioned. I shrugged. “I would if I could” I shrugged. “I haven’t tried it yet” I admitted. “Good. There’s a limit to madness” he grinned. “Oh I doubt there’s a limit to madness. Unless it borders psychotic. Which that would probably mean that I would border just a teeny bit” I made the gesture with my fingers. “Just once in awhile” I added. Namjoon laughed so I laughed along. I supposed it could have been a joke. “Hey hey did you bring that book of randomness with you?” Trinity questioned making me glare at her. “It’s not a book, and it’s my pages from the site, I forgot I wanted to answer the questions.” I turned so the others could hear. “I’m apart of this forum and there’s this 1001 random questions. I also have 25 Ridiculous sentence prompts” I explained. “We do it for fun. I was going to fill it out if I got bored, but “ I shrugged. “Haven’t been bored” I said. “Wait wait. What kind of sentences are they?” Daniella questioned. “Um, off the top of my head, I feel like I got hit by a car, wait, I did. It was your car” I made up a sentence that could fit for what a friend would say. “I think that would be your mother you're talking about” Trinity said making me laugh. “That’s who I was thinking I would say that too. She would hit me and not realize it until I screamed out in pain” I said. “I remember how she ran over the light pool when she was in reverse” Trinity brought up an old goodie. “It shows good deeds aren’t so great, last time I ever watched our neighbor's dog” I laughed. “Wait, wait so you make up sentences and put peoples names, like who would say it or who you would say it too?” Daniella questioned. “That’s the gist.” I said. “Although I think the random questions are more fun, but that’s me” I said with a shrug. “Trin Trin” Suga called, using my nickname for her. “What is it?” She asked as she turned to him. “What do you want to play?” he asked. “Questions” she said. “I want to go back to I hear-” “It’s dead Namjoon, that game is completely dead” Jin said as he joined into our conversation. “What kind of questions?” he asked looking at me. “Oh um, well let’s see” I said as I pulled out my notebook and pulled out the folded sheets. The first question on the page made me laugh. “Okay so, do you have a job?” I read the question. Everyone looked at me. “Okay, what is your job, how about that?” I asked “I rap in bts” Namjoon started “No I rap in bts” Suga said poking Namjoon. “I’m the rap monsta, I am Rap” Namjoon said like he was the king of rap. “I rap and do vocals” J hope said. “I think it’s safer to say several of us rap in the group” he said. “I dance!” Jimin said singling himself out. “I eat!” Jin said next. “It’s not fair, you know what we do. What do you people do?” Kooki asked turning the question on us. “Alright fine. I’m a hairdresser! Note my constant want to pet your hair and fix it at the same time” I looked over at Namjoon. “Especially yours.” I shrugged “But I liked it better when it was in a mohawk” I added. “I work in a lab, pharmaceuticals” Trinity said. “I don’t have to deal with people as much as this one” she added poking me. “I go to school but I have job working in library” Panther said. “Oh, I work in a bakery” Daniella said. “Bakery?” I questioned leaning over to see her. “You bake sweets?” I asked in a baby voice. She laughed. “I like cupcakes the best” she said. “I can bake any kind of cupcake your heart desires” she said. “No” Trinity said. “For real?” she asked. Daniella nodded. “Maple bacon pancake cupcake” I said sounding deadly serious. She laughed, I not sure if she thought I was joking or not. “That sounds yummy” Kooki commented, he was still licking away at his lollipop. “I can make them” Daniella said. “Can you make cupcakes in a wafer cone?” Trinity asked. “I can make them. I can also make the cupcakes with creme in the middle” she added. “My specialty is my red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting stuffed in the center” she told us. “Omo, my mouth is watering. I want it!” I told her and she laughed. “What is the craziest thing that you have made?” Trinity asked her. “Raisins and chocolate chip” she said after a long time of thinking. “I have made some strange ones, like a mango chili powder or margarita but those actually came out tasting good. Raisins and chocolate chips wasn’t so good. The guy who got them wanted it to be a joke, his girlfriend loved chocolate and to get back at her for something he wanted the cupcakes made with Raisins, so they looked like chips but really weren’t” she explained. “That is evil” Trinity hissed. Daniella just laughed. “It was” she agreed. “How much longer are we stuck on here?” Tae whined from the front row seats. “I think four hours” Namjoon said as he looked at the screen indicating how far we were from Seoul. “I want off now” tae whined. “I’m done with planes. And earlier those two made me afraid of planes!” Tae said. “We made Jimin afraid to fly I thought” I said looking over at Trinity. “Score we got several people” She laughed. “Are you afraid we’ll plummet to our death?” I asked her. “No, are you?” she asked. “I’m more afraid of getting off the flight, getting lost then kidnapped and organ harvesters taking my organs than killing me, or maybe leaving me alive to suffer” I told her. “Dark and twisted” Namjoon said. “It’s my style sometimes” I told him.

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