Sir~ Chapter 4

Genre: Angst, CEO au

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Length: 2587 words

Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list.

Part: 4/?

I stood there with Jimin gripping my waist tightly, a forced smile on my face to hide my otherwise obvious discomfort. I made brief eye contact with Namjoon who gave me a sympathetic smile. Wow. Jimin’s rival felt sorry for me. After waving off like the 8th beautiful women of the night (I swear they were all targeting him and vice versa), he turned to me.

“She was gorgeous, wasn’t she?”, Jimin murmured in my ear, whilst watching her sashay away in her figure hugging red dress. He was staring rather shamefully and had to practically tear his gaze away when he was met by silence.

I didn’t even look at him. Instead I stared at the floor wishing I could die there and then. This was embarrassing enough without him making me feel like shit.

“Answer me”, he demanded, his voice low as he smiled at the passing crowd, all oblivious to what he was really like. I turned to look him dead in the eye. “She is.”

“She is what?” he asked. He was really trying to rile me up, but I wasn’t having it. I knew he was mad at me for walking off, but damn. “Out of your league”, I murmured. Immediately his eyes narrowed and I smirked at him.

“Nobody is out of my league darling.” I rolled my eyes and he consequently dug his fingers into me further. “Jimin”, I breathed. “You’re hurting me.” He chuckled but did slightly loosen his grip. Asshole.

Jimin smiled to an elderly gentleman. “Good evening.” He nodded in reply, gave me a warm smile, and walked off. He turned his attention back to me. “I want you to tell me exactly what Namjoon said to you.”

My eyes automatically flitted back up to the tall, suited man. He was chatting away, his deep voice distinguishable from the rest of the crowd. “Nothing special.” I was careful not to say Namjoon’s name as Jimin had snapped at me earlier for doing so. Part of me wondered why Jimin was talking abut him again.

“Mr Kim mentioned you were rivals and I asked why he had signed up to be your client.” Jimin stiffened, so I hastily added, “He was impressed by question. He told me that it’s only a temporary contract as you two work on a collaboration.”

“That’s all he said?”

“Yes. That’s all”, I lied. I wasn’t about to tell Jimin that his rival had offered me a job. I wasn’t stupid. Jimin finally let go off me to greet yet another woman. I noticed the hug lasted longer than necessary, but ignored the two of them as I scanned the crowd.

Jungkook, Taehyung and Hoseok were now stood up in a small gathering. I recognised the group as people who worked on my floor. They were all laughing and genuinely having a good time while I was forced to stand here quietly, like a social outcast. This was not cool.

Jungkook suddenly looked up from whoever was talking, and his eyes met mine. His eyes flitted from Jimin and the woman, to me, awkwardly standing on the side. ‘Help me’, I mouthed, and mimed pulling the trigger. He grinned and shook his head at me.

The woman Jimin was talking to (and by talking, I mean undressing with his eyes) shot me a weird look, but didn’t say anything. I looked back at Jungkook. He gestured for me to come over and I mouthed in reply ‘ I can’t’, making him pout.

I was so busy in a silent conversation with Jungkook that I hadn’t even realised that the woman had walked away from Jimin until he stepped in front of me, blocking my view. “Stop messing around”, he ordered quietly, tucking a stray strand of hair behind my ear.

As much as I shivered at the contact of his warm hand on me, I snapped. “I’m sorry this is ridiculous.” He looked taken aback by my words, and I had barely said anything. “Careful sweetheart”, he warned.

I scoffed. “I was having a perfectly nice time with some friends. I talk to one client and you lose your shit. I walk away from a conversation I wasn’t even part of and you make me stand here. And now I can’t even look at my friend. You’re treating me like absolute shit right now.”

My rage dissipated as soon as I saw Jimin’s dark eyes angrily scrutinising me. “When I signed you up for the job, I reckoned you’d be a handful”, he drawled. “But I have to say Miss y/n, your blatant disrespect disappoints me.”

I stared at him, afraid that if I uttered a single word in retaliation, he’s blow and start screaming in the middle of his own party. But what the hell did he mean my ‘blatant disrespect’? It was him who was disrespecting me!

“Especially after I bought you this pretty little dress.” He eyed the black garment pointedly. “Now is that any way to talk to someone who’s been so nice to you?”

He wanted an apology, but I’d be damned if I was going to give him one. “It’s exactly the way I should be talking to you. You don’t own me. I’m just someone who works for you.”

He was livid, if the veins on his neck and temple were anything to go by. “I’m not going to have this conversation with you here. We can take this up elsewhere.”

It was half nine when he announced to the crowd that they should slowly start to leave- half an hour early. Hoseok daringly came up to me to ask if I needed a lift home. I was just about to say ‘yes please’, but Jimin answered for me. “That won’t be necessary. I’ll be taking her home tonight.” Hoseok got the hint and with a brief nod, he was off.

He didn’t even wait for the venue to empty before he grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards the car park. “Jimin, what are y-”

“- Not a word”, he growled. I shut my mouth, shocked at the abrasive in his tone. In fact, the next time I spoke was when he drove past my street. “You’ve gone past my place.”

“We’re not going to your place.”

“Well, where the hell are you taking me then?” I shifted uneasily in my seat. He was angry and had me in his car.

“We’re going to mine.” I just stared at his stiffened side profile, without saying a word.

He got out and slammed his door shut, his aggressiveness making me flinch. I sat there, not wanting to leave the car, as I watched watched him walk round and open my door.

“Get out.”

Shit. He was not in the mood for games, clearly. What the hell was he gonna do, scream at me, fire me then let me go home? I reluctantly got out of the car, hearing the door slam behind me with the same amount of force.

He started walking towards the biggest apartment complex I had ever seen. Seriously, everything I had earned up to until then wouldn’t have been able to pay a month’s rent at that place.

I followed him, not wanting to be left behind in the dark. “Jimin”, I called. He didn’t reply. “Jimin! I’m talking to you!” By the time I caught up with him, he had already pressed the button for the elevator, and was stood waiting.

I stood behind him, panting slightly from the speed walking. The doors slid open, and he got in without a word. I stared. For a split second, I actually contemplated letting the doors close on him and running. But I quickly convinced myself that was a stupid idea.

So I hesitantly stepped in as he pressed the button for his floor.

The doors slid shut and I cleared my throat, my palms sweaty as I held the clutch. “Ok, I was brash and self-assertive back there. I’m...I’m sorry, OK?” I still firmly believed I wasn’t at fault, but I thought apologising to him would calm him down a little.

He chuckled humourlessly, and I glanced up. That was the first sound he had made in a while. He turned to me and backed me in the corner, his breath tickling my ear. “Not good enough sweetheart. You said some pretty rude things. I’m hurt.” He said that sarcastically, but my focus was on the way his hands were trailing up and down my sides.

The doors opened and he dragged me out with him. I audibly gasped when he opened the door to his apartment. It was minimalist but god, it was breathtaking. High rise ceiling, polished grey floor, the panoramic view from the window. It was beautiful. I could see more of it when he turned on a marble cast lamp that was next to the couch.

His voice sounded mildly amused. “Like what you see?” I realised my mouth was hung open, so I snapped it shut, trying to play it cool. “Er...yeah, very nice.”

He didn’t reply, but I saw him fling off his suit jacket and carelessly throw it on the leather couch, along with his tie. I slowly put the clutch down on a nearby table. He sat down shortly after, legs apart, leaning forward.

“Who am I, y/n?”

I raised an eyebrow. Was he being rhetoric? I decided to answer anyway, curious as to where this was going with this. “You’re my boss, Park Jimin.” He hummed in response.

“So does that mean you do everything I say?”

I peered at him. This was fuelling his ego, I knew it, but I really didn’t want to piss him off right now. I wasn’t scared of him- it was getting late, and I was getting tired. “Yes sir.”

“Does it mean you can argue with me?”

I gritted my teeth. He was being so patronising. “...No Sir.”

“Nobody ever answers back to me. You hear me? Nobody. Not even authority figures. You know why? Because they respect me.” He sounded like a spoilt kid right now.

“Do you respect me y/n?”

That’s enough. “You get respect when you give respect”, I answered curtly. Bad move.

His eyes flashed dangerously. “Come here.” I didn’t move. I couldn’t move, not when he was hungrily eyeing me up like that.

“I asked you to do something y/n. Don’t test me further.” I took a few steps forward and stopped about a metre away.

“Closer.” He practically growled the order- he was making me heat up from his voice alone. It took all my courage to step up to him, closing the gap between us. His hands reached out for mine as he looked up to me, his gaze positively sinful.

“You are a very naughty girl y/n”, he whispered. Oh my god. The things he was doing to me with that voice. “I was so angry at the party, I was going to fire you.” Even his threat had sweet undertones, his velvety voice washing over me.

“Why didn’t you?”, I breathed, challenging him. I was feeling bold all of a sudden, with the new found knowledge that he had refrained from firing me - yet again. Without warning, he pulled me towards him, my dress riding up as I landed on his lap.

“I watched Mr Jeon flirt with you. I’ve watched Namjoon get cosy with you. You think I’m gonna let you go that easily. You were wrong earlier kitten. You are mine.”

Kitten? Holy hell.

His lips ghosted over my ear and across my cheek and stopped at my lips. He murmured “All mine”, before increasing the pressure, making me gasp into his mouth. This was..the third time we had kissed? I’d lost count. And every time, he would leave me in awe. My tongue traced over his lips and he moaned. He sounded like heaven. But I remembered I was supposed to be mad at him, so I pulled away.

He looked at me, confused, lust clouding his judgement. He leaned in again, and I jerked my head back, so he proceeded to leave kisses and marks on my neck. “What are you doing?”, he rasped, pulling away from the sensitive spot under my ear.

“I don’t think you deserve it, Sir”, I smirked. Even thought I needed this as much as he did. I started rolling my hips back and forth, teasing him further. “Don’t fucking try it babe. You’re questioning me even now? The nerve.” He was growing harder underneath me, even as he spoke.

I stopped moving and leaned into him, revealing more of me. “It’s funny how you think you own me, but you need me so bad right now. What if I was to just...walk away?”

He glared. “You wouldn’t.” I started getting up off him and he yanked me back down. He kept a hold of my wrist as one hand removed a strap of my dress. “I’ve never met anyone so stubborn...”, he removed the other strap, “so foolish...”he let go of my wrist and pulled the top half of the dress down, letting it pool around my waist. “ daring.”

He unclasped my bra surprisingly fast. Clearly he had had a lot of practice. I started unbuttoning his shirt“And I’ve never met someone so unfair.” His shirt was off.

He laughed quietly, his hand started trailing up my thigh, the dress riding further up. His hand stopped at my underwear and without a word of warning he touched me where I needed him and groaned.

“What’s got you so wet, y/n?”, he asked huskily. And before I could respond, he placed me on the sofa. I say placed- he practically threw me, and undid his belt. Before pulling down the tailored trousers, he retrieved his wallet, which unsurprisingly had a condom in it. I rid myself of the dress and underwear,and didn’t feel self-conscious until I realised he was staring while lazily pumping himself.

I instinctively put my hands out to cover myself, suddenly thinking about how unprofessional this was. He put the condom on and grabbed both of my hands. “Don’t hide from me”, he spoke in that authoritative voice of his. In the workplace it was annoying as hell, but right now, it was such a turn on.

He kissed me once more, slowly aligning himself before sliding in. The sudden feeling of fullness started making me writhe uncontrollably. I was muttering a string of obscenities, panting as he thrust into me. “Fuck! Oh my god Jimin!”

“You’re so fucking tight, babe.” He kept rolling his hips into me, leaving sloppy kisses wherever he could- my collarbone, my chest. I was so close, so close...

When he suddenly stopped. “What the fuck?”, I gasped, looking up at him.

“You thought it’d be that easy babe?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, I won’t ever argue with you again, now move.” I bucked my hips up, but he placed a firm hand on my waist to stop me.

“Who’s are you, beautiful?” Jesus Christ was this boy really asking this right now?

Even though my voice was calm and gentle, I was glaring up at him. “Yours Jimin. I’m yours.” That was enough for him to start thrusting once more, causing me to release more profanities. “Such dirty words out of that pretty little mouth”, he grunted.

The night was spent in more passionate pursuits, more panting, more groaning, more swearing. More Park Jimin.


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