No I'm not talking about the RM and JK collab. Although I still haven't fully recovered from it. Do you guys remember this?👇🏻

Yeah, well apparently it's an actual thing! Let me give you a little glimpse.

Oh you know just a list of comebacks... But what's that? Let's look a little closer.

A little closer still...

Oh my! I suddenly have forgotten how to breath! YOOOONMIIIIN! My favorite ship is finally sailing! I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED! We don't know yet when this will happen, other than the fact that Yoongi told us August (not a specific date) but I am SO READY!

Who else is a YOONMIN shipper? Is anyone else as ready for this as I am?


I'm a BTS FREAK. Lol 😜 JHOPE =the love of my life my bias! SUGA= biggest baddest bias wrecker JIMIN = the creep who makes me all confused and can wreck it all 😂 Yoonmin for life!
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