The Piano Teacher

Ch. 3

The next day I get up at the crack of dawn and clean like there is no tomorrow, I go through every room with a fine tooth comb just to make sure it was clean enough and decent. It also doesn’t help that when I’m a nervous wreck I become the “cleaning queen.”

I checked my grandmother’s piano made sure it was clean and polished. I was so excited that Yoongi was coming to tune my piano and I got lost in my thoughts.


“Hey Y/N!” Yoongi shouts. I wave my hand in the air at him.

“Yoongi!” I shout back, I start running towards my friend. Other than my grandmother he was my only friend and the only other person I talked to. His grandmother and mine were friends and his grandmother gave piano lessons to the local children. She taught Yoongi and I at the same time and we’re the last students of the day for her. After we had finished our lessons we would wonder off and play, and then he would walk me home and my grandmother would feed him.

“Hey Y/N, come here look at this.” Yoongi calls me over to him I look over his shoulder but I couldn’t see so I sat next to him and before I knew it he was shoving a bug in my face.

“AHH!” I screamed and fell back on my butt. All Yoongi could do was laugh at me. I just glared at him. I crossed my arms and looked away with my anger game face on.

“Y/N, oh come on Y/N it was just a joke.” Yoongi explains, “I like seeing your face when your surprised like that, it’s cute.” Yoongi moves closer to me, but I’m still ignoring him, I know how to make him feel guilty and I don’t use it often but for times like these I like seeing him worry about seeing me upset.

Yoongi gives me a hug and pats my back. “I’m sorry, it was just a joke, I didn’t mean any harm by it.” He whispers into my ear. It was at that moment I quickly turn my head and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Yoongi quickly let’s go of me and looks at me with wide eyes. I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression.

“Remember, the next time you wanna see my face like that, your punishment will be a kiss from me, and next time I’ll kiss you on the lips.” I said with a smile and then I stuck my tongue out at him and got up to run off. Yoongi touches his cheek and here is a small smile on his face.

“Come on shorty let’s go!” I shout at Yoongi, and he snaps out of his trance.

“Yah, I’m not short!” Yoongi yells back, getting up from his spot and following me to my grandmother’s house for dinner.

*End flashback*

I was so lost in my thoughts that I lost track of time. I had a smile on my face as I remembered the past when I was startled from my thoughts when I heard a knocking at my door. I check my phone and was surprised it was time for Yoongi to show up. I took a deep breath and let it out before walking towards the door and opening it. When I finally get to the door I take one more breath and open the door as I let it out.

“Good afternoon.” Yoongi says. I’m just in awe of his presence, he’s wearing a black hat, with his black glasses, with a leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans. When I look at his face I see the young Yoongi from the past and smile. I shake my head to snap myself out of it and clear my throat.

“Hello, please come in.” I saw as I open the door more for him to come inside. “Would you like something to eat or drink?” I ask him as he takes his shoes off at the door and walks into the hall. He shakes his head no.

“Where’s the piano?” he asks. I just smile at him and motion for him to follow me. I lead him into the living room where the piano is located. I noticed he looked out the window for a moment and then back at me.

“Ah, now I know who you are.” He says, my heart skips a beat thinking he’s remembered me from our childhood. “You’re the one who was playing this piano when I was walking by yesterday. Your right it does need tuned. Let me see what I can do for you.” He says with a small smile and my heart sinks into a hole in my chest that it most likely won’t come back out from. “How is it he can’t seem to remember me? I must have been easy to forget. Nothing new there.” I feel like I’m about to tear up and so I stop myself by pinching my cheeks.

Yoongi walks over to the piano and looks it over. “This is a really beautiful Kimball grand piano.” He says as he open’s the lid and starts working.

“Are you sure you’re not hungry, I’m going to make myself a sandwich, would you like one? I ask him, but he’s too engrossed in his work with the piano to notice me. He seems to be very professional when it comes to work, I just wish he would remember who I am. I walk out of the room towards the kitchen and start making sandwiches for him and myself. He may have no answered me but I’m sure by the time he’s done he will want to eat.

I come back into the living room and see he’s still working on the piano. “Can I ask you a question?” I said. Yoongi completely forgot that I was around and almost fell off the bench. I tried really hard to hold back a laugh but it slipped out.

“Are you okay?” I said in between laughing and trying not to laugh. Yoongi just gets up and turns around looking at my smiling face.

“I’m fine thanks.” He said somewhat coldly. I walk over to the piano.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” I ask, Yoongi looks up with an annoyed look.

“Please just leave me alone so I can get this done okay.” He snaps at me, I scoff at him, before I walk back to the loveseat. I was watching Yoongi work and before I knew it I had fallen asleep curled up on the loveseat.

After a while I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder. “Hey! Wake up.” A deep husky voice says to me. With my eyes still closed I stretch and moan “Yoongi,” me saying his name like that surprises him. He places his hand on my shoulder again to shake me awake. This time I grab at his hand and remove it. My eyes open and I shoot up when I see how close he is, I almost hit his head, but he has quick reflexes and moves away quickly.

“Oh shit I’m sorry I fell asleep.” I say in a rush to sit up.

“It’s okay, it does take a long time to tune a piano, plus you must have needed it.” He says with a small smile. I nod in agreement.

“So you’re done?” I ask. He nods his head.

“Um, could you play a song for me?” I ask him, he looks at me surprised.

“Don’t you know how to play? Wouldn’t you rather play?” he asks me. I lie to him.

“Uh not really, I haven’t played since I was little. I just moved back here this is my grandmother’s piano.” I say as I rub my neck and clear my throat.

“I would like to learn more; do you know of any piano teachers in this area?” I ask him again looking hopeful that he may teach piano as well.

“Yeah there’s only one teacher in this area and that’s me.” He said. He notices my happy and excited face so he knew what my next question was before I even asked.

“Yeah I guess I can teach you.” He said as he’s finishing putting his tools up.

“Oh really! That would be great.” I said with a big smile. “How much do I owe you for tuning my piano?” I ask him as I’m about to get my wallet.

“I’ll let you feed me as payment.” He said.

“Oh okay, wait Ahh, yes of course what would you lie?” I ask him as I stutter to make a sentence.

“Didn’t you make sandwiches earlier?” he asks, I had completely forgot since I had fallen asleep. I walk into the kitchen to get the sandwiches.

“If you have a bag or paper towel that would be great.” He said. I walk into the living room with a plastic bag and his sandwich. Yoongi takes the sandwich from my hand and I feel his fingers brush against my hand. My body shivers and tense up. Yoongi places the sandwich in the bag.

“Thanks, I’ll eat this when I get home.” He says, I was about to object and offer him to eat it here to spend more time with him, but I didn’t want to look desperate either.

“Okay! Thank you again for fixing my piano and I’ll see you tomorrow for our first piano lesson right?” I say with a smile.

“Yeah sure, just let me get your number.” He asks as he hands me his phone I put my name as “Teddy Bear” and add my number. Maybe that nickname will jog his memory when he sees it. I hand his phone back to him and he doesn’t look at it, he just stuffs it in his pocket. I look dumbfounded. “Ugh whatever he will notice it when he calls me” I think to myself. I give him one last smile before he turns around and heads for the door. I follow him.

I close the door after he leaves. “OMG I can’t believe my second encounter with Yoongi and it still didn’t go the way I wanted. Why can’t I think clearly when I’m around him? Maybe tomorrow it will be easier for me to open my mouth and say HEY REMEMBER ME from when we were kids?” I start scolding myself.





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