BTS - Save ME ( English ver.)

He has an amazing voice, please check out his videos they're so great and subscribe to him if you'd like! I love he's videos so much he's very talented!! he does covers of other artist as Well and they're all fantastic!! I know the Vid isn't that long but still cx if you haven't checked him out please do so you might enjoy his vids! /-^ Tagged:@mrsjeon@VKookie47@RandomName@midnightskieslo@TesneemElAlami@SugaOnTop@JeniseRamos@SusiBosshammer@AnnaArai@Ercurrent@kpopbunny9@Destiny98@viviano6@KarenGuerra93@amandamuska@jazgaara33@CrystalBlunt@EdithEGonzalezG@Dalicity@MadAndrea@KPopQuxxnMarie@unnieARMkeY@DanaMichelle@megancurrent9

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