A Certain Scientific Railgun

This anime/mamga is my favorite so far cause who doesn't like railguns!?!? It's about a high school girl who has the ability to use arcade coins with her powers and shoot a railgun shot from her hand, this is an ecchi cause there is parts with nudity, some fan service but there is more action then fan service and I really like that, this anime I love cause it is a bowl of laughs and I want you nakama to try it out, trust me, it's real good, this has been the ecchi mod and I hope you guys are having a great day

I love anime, video games, Japanese music, ICP, and blood >:) imma juggalo and otaku. u dont like me, well fuck u. life sucks get a fuckin helmet. im 18 but I am a strong willing person, I dont fight unless I need to.
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