Forbidden Part 34

WARNINGS: Mature Content

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Early the next morning a discreet knock comes to the door and then the knob twists. Another, louder knock follows.


You reach up and pull on his ear, “See. Locking the door.”

He chuckles as he yells out, “Hold your horses!”

He pulls on his jeans as he steps over to the door, opening it for Eun.

She looks him up and down, but he just raises an eyebrow at her.

“You telling me you haven’t been in my guest room or did you make that far and I need to call in someone to clean the furniture?”

She smacks him in the chest, “We made it. It’s just still weird seeing you like this.”

He rubs his chest where she smacked, “You had your chance at this and picked someone else; however, I am currently not complaining.”

You hear her let out a huff; “Whatever. Tell [YN] we need to get going in the next half hour.”

He nods, shoos her away and re-shuts the door, clicking the lock. He turns, shows you the door handle to emphasize his action. You clap for him and he bows. As you attempt to get up to get dressed he tackles you, trapping you in the sheets.

“I have to get up and get dressed, you heard Eun.”

“I did hear Eun; she said thirty minutes. I can be quick,” he states as he gives you a smolder and dives under the sheets.

As you say your goodbyes plans are made for the first undercover double date.

You look at all of them; Eun is snuggled in Jaewoon’s arms and [HN] has you similarly embraced.

“You think we can pull this off? Look at all of us.”

Looking between each other, faces now resemble that of indecision.

“The lawyers said only one more week. Maybe we should just wait?”

“Eun, we’ve had this planned for months. We purposely bought an extra set of tickets so that Jaewoon could accompany us with a date. At least now we know the date and you don’t have to spend the night pretending you aren’t jealous.”

She still looks uncertain but nods in agreement.

“Alright, I’ll take [YN] shopping for a gown. We’ll see you guys tomorrow night.”

Once in the car you turn with questions, “Gown? What do I need a gown for?”

“Your dress for the charity event was wonderful but it’s been seen now, you need something different. Unfortunately, you and I aren’t the same size or I’d just let you wear something out of my closet. This is a social event with a theater performance. There will be red carpet for [HN] and I and you get the idea.”

You do get the idea and you remind yourself that you want this man in your life. That means getting used to his social calendar and being supportive of it in whichever ways are necessary.

When the men arrive the next night, appreciative looks are given in both directions. You’ve always appreciated a man in a tuxedo but a designer fit tux and knowing what’s underneath it? This is a whole new level of gorgeous. He comes over to give you a kiss,

“Don’t ruin her make-up!” Eun hollers at him.

He rolls his eyes and gives you a peck on the cheek, then whispers in your ear. “I have a new favorite color.”

He turns back to the others looking directly at Eun, “Happy now Mother?”

He gives her a kiss on the cheek as well, “You look beautiful as always Eun. Shall we?”

It was strange watching him walk off with Eun, as if everything you’d learned and experienced the last month were a lie. Jaewoon takes your arm and leans down to reassure you.

“It takes getting used to; seeing them like that. Thankfully, tonight I don’t have to suffer through it alone.” He smiles down at you, “Thank you for being my date. A very beautiful date if I might add.”

You blush and laugh, “You may. Thank you.”

[HN] turns to look back at the two of you until Eun tugs on his arm. “I think this might be tougher for [HN] than all of us thought. Interesting.”

Jaewoon and you are shown in a separate door, just like at the charity event. [HN] and Eun are waiting for their turn down the red carpet. Jaewoon gets the two of you drinks while you wait for the power couple’s arrival. Being a social event, you both know that it isn’t just the red carpet but pictures, short interviews, and then mingling once inside.

“We should have sent them ahead and come 45 minutes later.”

Jaewoon is casually standing at the small table with your drinks. The look on his face is one of vast enthusiasm but his voice sounds just as droll and bored as his words.

“I guess we could entertain ourselves and everyone else by trying to act like a couple on a date instead of what we really are.”

You put your hand over on top of his.

“Of course, I am being remiss and ignoring my beautiful companion.”

He raises your hand to his lips and gives it a kiss, directing a brilliant smile at you. The two of you spend the next thirty minutes chatting and getting to know each other, laughing and actually having fun.

Eun and [HN] arrive at the table after making their rounds and eye the two of suspiciously.

“You two seem to be having a good time.” Eun states as she eyes your clasped hands on the table.

The two of you try to hide your smiles but end up laughing and looking down.

“Care to let us in on the joke?” The tone of [HN]’s voice makes you look up and roll your eyes.

“Aren’t we supposed to be ‘a couple’?”

Jaewoon deliberately raises your hand and kisses it to which both Eun and [HN] stiffen. You look over at Jaewoon, “I think if you were to hug me there would be a full out physical attack.”

You turn back to the two, “Hackles down you two, we are simply trying to pass the time and amuse ourselves.” Eyebrows raise so you add, “I had no idea Jaewoon was so fashion conscious. He has quite an amusing take on what most of the celebrities here are wearing tonight.”

Eun smiles over at him, then turns to look around. “Seems the two of you would be correct; however, you can never fault Jiyong’s taste for himself or for Jak. But who is that with Kyungil? I haven’t seen her around before.”

[HN] turns in that direction. “Oh, that’s his girlfriend; they’ve been together a few months. I heard they just made it official with couple rings. She’s very pretty. Rumor is that they met on the shoot of the group’s latest MV but that’s only half of it. She's Jak’s best friend from America that moved here to live with her. Perhaps we should go over and introduce ourselves.”

He turns back at the last minute, “I would say amuse yourselves but am quite sure that isn’t necessary.”

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