100 Days of Anime, 31: Favorite Anime OP

Attack on Titan

Jiyuu no Tsubasa ~Linked Horizon

There are 2 videos there; the first is the anime opening so you can , and the second is the full version of the song, which I feel is a musical masterpiece! I could do without the keyboard solo, but it goes through so many flavors from anthematic to rock to classical, and even rounds back to Guren no Yumiya, the first opening, also by Linked Horizon. I highly recommend you check out the full version!

Honorable Mentions

Music was one of the big hooks when I started getting into anime. I'm a total music nerd, so I broke all my rules and limitations for this card! Sorry about that...

Akame Ga Kill!

Liar Mask ~Rika Mayama

I instantly fell in love with this opening! It kind of switches off between eerie and rocking with weird and super cool instrumentation (that violin!). I also love the hemiolas in the meter!


Rolling Star ~Yui

This one's just kinda fun. And I love Yui's voice!

chAngE ~Miwa

Another one that's just kinda fun, but I also think it's really cool how it almost feels like there's a key change every time it hits the chorus (I don't think it actually does, unless the verses are just in a different key from the chorus. There is a key change in the full version, at least)

Ranbu no Melody ~SID

I love SID. I almost gave Monochrome Kiss from Black Butler a mention as well, but it didn't quite make the cut. Idk, I like the timbre of his voice or something!

Blue Exorcist

Core Pride ~UVERworld

You had me at that opening sax solo, and an acoustic guitar solo in the middle? Such a cool fusion (can you tell I love weird instrumentation?), and just a fun song in general! Pretty sure this song actually came up on my Pandora before I even touched this anime... Love listening to this one!

Alone in My World ~ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D

ROOKIEZ is PUNK'D is another one that almost go a second mention (Complication from Durarara!!). I loved the first one so much, and I was kinda sad when it changed - for like half a second!

Fairy Tail

Snow Fairy by Funkist

Fairy Tail had me from the get-go with this. Maybe it's just because I myself am a flutist, but I appreciate Funkist's use of the flute, which you don't hear often. This song is beautiful and fun, and I can never help but sing along!

Masayume Chasing ~BoA

This is one of my strut songs, if you know what I mean! Such a good jam!

Strike Back by Back-On

Again, I was sad to see Masayume Chasing go, but I immediately fell in love with this one! So fun and intense! Totally suited to Fairy Tail!

Gurren Lagann

Sorairo Days ~Shoko Nakagawa

I only included the first OP, since the second is the same but with the second verse. Another one that's so much fun and I can't not sing!


Yura Yura ~Hearts Grow

I wasn't too fond of many of the openings from the original Naruto series, with the exception of this one. When I listen to it, I suppose it's a bit thin, not a lot of musical meat, but I still love it!

Blue Bird ~Ikimono Gakari

Sorry about the shrillness; it was impossible to find a version that wasn't in a weird key or something like that. I love her voice, and I also think the harmonica she incorporates is pretty cool! Reminds me of my Hanson days!

Closer ~Inoue Joe

This one grew on me, a lot! At first, I didn't really like that techno bit in the intro, and the "Let's go" line I think is kinda cheesy, but I think it's a beautiful song!

Diver ~Nico Touches the Walls

I couldn't find the actual opening for this one, even though I love how the animation goes with it (guess Naruto's strict about that copyright stuff), but at least this AMV is the actual song, and it's a fantastic song anyway! I always love Nico Touches the Walls, possibly because they remind me a bit of Daughtry, one of my favorite non-Japanese artists, and Diver has become one of my favorite songs in general!

Sengoku Basara

Jap ~Abingdon Boys School

This was the first anime OP I fell in love with! It's so much fun, and I wholeheartedly believe that Date Masamune would make his army train by dancing like that! (at least the anime and probably video game version, but probably not the actual guy). I love the random bits of English!

Soul Eater

Papermoon ~Tommy heavenly6

This one was stuck in my head for like a month! I fell in love with this OP hard and fast, and it's still one of my favorites! I love those chilling lyrics!

Sword Art Online

Crossing Field ~LiSA

Another insta-favorite! High energy, fun, I can't really put my finger on it, but I love it!

Tokyo Ghoul

Unravel ~TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

soundcloud link

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