Proclivity Part 11

WARNING: Mature/Adult Content

Since you’re a student here on transfer you really didn’t bring much with you when you arrived. You’ve collected a few things, but still nothing much. It doesn’t take long to throw everything into your suitcases and wait for Leo. When he finally arrives he wraps you in a tight hug and gives you a kiss.

“Miss me?” You smile up at him. He grins, grabs your bags, and leads you out the door.

He walks over and puts your luggage in the trunk of Ravi’s car.

“I’ll have to remember to tell Ravi thanks for letting us borrow his car.”

He raises an eyebrow, “This is my car. Dongsaeng borrows from me.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize.”

He simply nods, opens your door and secures you inside. A few blocks over he reaches and takes your hand, you smile over at him.

“What are you humming?”

“Oh! I don’t know. It’s the strangest thing; I’ve been singing it all day. I can’t get it out of my head. Why do you like it?”

He nods and plugs his phone into the car radio. “I recorded the song like you asked.”

As the music starts he turns to look out the driver’s side window and smirks.

“Wait. That was your song stuck in my head all day?”

He nods, raises your hand to his lips and kisses it.

“Either my song in your head or your song in mine. I’m not really sure now; maybe I should have had you meet me at the studio.”

“Wow. This just gets weirder every day.”

The two of you head into the dorm and are met by all the guys.

“Welcome home!”

You stop awkwardly and look around. “Umm, thanks guys. Are you sure you all are okay with this?”

N steps forward, “It will take a little adjustment, for all of us. But you are more than welcome here.”

Everyone stands around not knowing what to do; they know they aren’t allowed to touch you. Leo looks at everyone, nods, takes your hand and takes you into the bedroom.

“Well that went well, I guess.” You try and laugh it off but he just looks at you and nods.

“I think so. We have a schedule of who does what and when. N said he would just add you to it with my name.”

“Okay.” You watch him put your suitcases on the bed and walk over to the dresser.

“I cleared out space for you,” he looks down at the empty drawer, “this one and the one above. I hope it’s enough.”

He’s looking just as awkward as everyone else did in the other room.

“First time having a girl move in?” You try and joke but he looks up at you like you’ve insulted him.

“Of course it is. Do you think…?”

You quickly walk over to him, “No I don’t think. I was trying to lighten the mood.”

He looks down, “Oh.”

You take his hand and lead him over to the bed. “It’s weird for all of us, especially you and me. Guess what? We’re going to fight and not understand each other..”

He looks up at you in despair and you cup his face, “But that’s okay. Everyone does. Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s the same; in fact,” you look at him with a small smile, “I’m pretty glad you and I are different in a physical aspect”.

He smiles, leans in and rubs his lips against yours. You pull his face closer and attack his lips with yours. He laughs, pulls you over into his lap and runs his hands up to the sides of breasts. A mischievous little boy appears as he reaches around to unclasp your bra,

“I definitely appreciate your differences”.

The two of you fall back on the bed laughing, kissing, and turning the world back into somewhere familiar and comfortable for you both.

You can’t help but giggle as you play with the collar of his shirt as he lay panting on top of you.

“Just what is so funny?”

He leans up on his forearms and looks down at you slightly disgruntled. The look on his face makes you laugh and squeeze your thighs together. His eyes bulge a little and he retaliates with a small thrust.

You laugh out loud and try to slide his shirt off.

“I was just laughing at the fact that you didn’t even finish undressing!”

He tosses his shirt across the room, “I didn’t realize that was a pre-requisite for this. Perhaps I needed assistance and you were otherwise preoccupied.”

He lowers his head and takes a bite.

“Seriously? Hmm, so it’s my fault huh? Well, I’m not preoccupied at the moment.”

You reach down and tickle him, forcing him to collapse and you roll over on top of him.

“Now, let’s see who’s preoccupied.”


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