Forgiving Him


I didn't notice but I guess I'll balance it with an Angst.

PS The author said it's up to you to choose the ending. Would you forgive him or not?

“How could you be so pathetic to actually tell the world that we’re dating? How many times have I told you to not tell anyone about us? Do you even know what this means?”

“Jungkook, listen to me! I didn’t say anything, I don’t know how they found out but you can’t start calling me pathetic just because you think that it was me!”

“THEN WHO THE FÚCK TOLD THE REPORTERS ABOUT US, HUH?” he shouted and ran a hand through his hair, frustrated.

You looked at him, all hopes about your relationship going down. He really thought that it was you? His girlfriend of 3 years? The one who stood by his side since the beggining?

“Do you really think that it was me, Jungkook?” you asked and held your breath. Please don’t say it. Don’t think of me like that.

“It’s just the two of us, and it’s not me. It has to be you. Don’t lie to me Y/N. You know that I hate liars” he said and sat down on your bed and tried to stay calm.

You laughed humorless and held back the tears in your eyes that were ready to fall out. He didn’t trust you. Did he just throw everything of the bridge just because he thought that it was your fault? Did he even think twice before accusing you for these things?

“I can’t believe you… Let’s break up.” you said without looking at him. If you looked at him now, the tears would start to fall and you were never the one to show the weak side of yourself and you didn’t want to show it now either.

Jungkook got up and stared at you for a moment, his eyes full of hatred.

“I can’t believe you either. You wanted this, didn’t you? You wanted fame and then you would break up with me, huh? Congratulations Y/N, you got what you wanted. ” he said and pushed you aside before storming out and slamming the door shut, hard.

You sank down on the floor and that was where the tears started to roll down your cheeks like a fall.

It hurts. Being called all those things by the one you really care and love. But what if it was better this way? What if both of you weren’t meant to be?

It has been a little over a month since the break up. You have been good would be a lie, because the truth was - your heart was still aching. You knew it was because of him.

You never expected him to try to contact you when you guys broke up. But now that everything was done and solved, you thought that he would at least apologize for what he had done and said.

But a week passed, and then two weeks. He didn’t even send you a message about an apology and then you thought - perhaps it never was your fault.

He maybe wanted all of this, that’s why he hasn’t apologized. Jungkook wanted you to break up with him, because he didn’t love you anymore.

“You’re so stupid” you said while looking at yourself in the mirror. Your eyes were no longer bright and full of joy, instead, they were red and puffy. You had dark circles under your eyes due the late nights, crying. You’re collar bones were visible and you became paler.

Why stay here when you don’t have anything else? Why are you still waiting for him to come back? Why is your heart still aching? Why does it hurt when you think of him?

Because you still care.


“I still don’t get it, why are you leaving all of sudden?” Your best friend, Nari asked while hugging you as hard as she could. You chuckled and stroke her back while hugging her back.

“I just miss my parents so I think it’s best if I go home, you know?” You lied and gave her a small smile.

“Yeah… you haven’t seen them in years… I’m going to miss you so much Y/N-ah” Nari cried and hugged you again. You let a tear roll down your cheek but quickly wiped it away.

“Yah! Don’t cry, you know I don’t like it when you cry” you chuckled and wiped her tears away.

Nari laughed and nodded and looked around. You followed her eyes around and gave her a confused look.

“Who are you looking for? Someone you know is here too?” you asked and looked at her. Nari shook her head so fast that you were afraid she would broke it. You narrowed your eyes at her but nodded.

“Oh… my flight is here soon…” you said and grabbed your belongings. Nari bit her bottom lip and kept looking around making you roll your eyes.

“I’m going now and if you saw a handsome guy or something that make you keep looking around like that, I suggest you to go look after him before he disappears” you chuckled and Nari just glared at you but then her face lit up like she just saw Santa on Christmas Day.


You knew who the voice belonged to, you knew who it was but you didn’t turn around. You weren’t ready to face him.

You let your eyes close and drew in a deep breath when you felt his arms wrapping itself around your waist.

“Don’t leave me” he said and buried his face in the crook of your neck. You felt something wet land on your neck and it made your heart ach. He was crying.

“I’m sorry, jagi. Please don’t leave me… I’m sorry…” he murmured, tightening his hold on you.

At that moment you thought back to the times when he made you more than happy.

The times when he would kiss and hug you like there’s no tomorrow and the times when he would call you every hour to just listen to you voice.

He would call you when he was on tour, before going up on stage because you made him calm. He would call you at the middle of the night and just let you know how beautiful you are and how blessed he is to call you his.

The times when he had come home with the biggest teddy bear and roses because he knew that you wanted it and the times when he would come to you right after the world tour.

How he dropped everything when he saw you struggling to open the door, with two bags of groceries in you hands. How sweet and caring he was.

But then you thought about the times when he cancelled your dates because he didn’t want the world to know about your relationship.

The times when he was stressed and called you annoying and useless when you tried to make him relax and happy. When he didn’t want you to meet his parents. When he made you cry yourself to sleep. When he forgot about your birthday, two years ago. When he would ignore you and go right to sleep. When he would start an argument with you about little things. The times he had hurt you the most, emotionally.

Maybe you did forgive him, but did you ever forgive him in your heart?


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