{GOT7's Youngae Privacy Threatened??} When Will It Ever End?

The saesang fans strike again!!! And they've set their eyes on GOT7's Youngjae. Now this is definitely not the first time we've seen an incident where crazed fans have engaged in obsessive behavior that threatens an idol's privacy. And it probably won't be the last.



I can't help but think back to the incidents with Chanyeol from EXO and BTS where their privacy was endangered many times. I just hope that Youngjae's words will get these fans to realize how their actions can affect the idols they love so much. I understand fans getting excited about meeting their favorite idols but when it comes to the point where they have to make a comment, that's when it becomes an issue. We should respect their privacy like we would want our own to be respected. Some people may argue that if I was in the same position I wouldn't be able to control myself or my actions. Correction. I wouldn't. Because I have common sense and morals. I can't say how I would act if I ever met one of my biases because none of us can really say. But I can say that I will at least give them the respect they deserve and not harass them in anyway. The fact that some people can actually do this without any remorse saddens me as a fan. I can only hope that these saesangs fans can quit their immature and inappropriate behavior.


What do you think of the growing issue concerning fans and idol's privacy?? Leave your opinions below.

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