Apology A Bobby & B.I Story Part 12


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What do you do when you find out your best friend is in love with your worst enemy?

A story about Bobby and B.I and your involved!

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The very moment Bobby laid eyes on B.I it felt as if a wave had washed over him. As if the cloud had shifted and the sun was finally able to shine it's blinding rays of sunlight. As if angels had begun to sing their harmonizing angelic voices again. The closer Bobby got to B.I the faster his heart started beating almost like it was about to pop right out of his chest. Bobby couldn't believe what his eyes were showing him the fact that B.I was standing right front of him. Bobby miss B.I pinkish lips, His glistening dark brown eyes and his beautiful skin tone; such a perfect shade of milky white. "B-Bobby..." B.I voice quivered as he looked into the eyes of the boy who once held his heart. looking into Bobby eyes B.I was remind of a distant memory of the time when the world was once beautiful and mystical. once again he was catch into Bobby hypnotisting gaze that made him feel free and calm inside of this world of hate and rage. the world bend and trembled at his presence, it's as if they fell in love all over again. Bobby slowly lifted his hand, reaching over to B.I but before he could completely reach Junhoe pulled him off the stage with the help of Jinhwan. "What are you-" Bobby was cut off "Not here, not right now there to many people around bobby" Jinhwan said as he helped Junhoe drag him to the dressing and makeup room. shutting the door behind them Junhoe toss Bobby who was kicking and shouting to be let go onto the ground with a annoyed look on his face. Bobby stood up and tried to push his way through Junhoe and Jinhwan who pushed him back as they block the door way. "Let me out! I have to see him I have to see Hanbin!!!" Bobby shouted desperately "Bobby calm down please we know how bad you want to see him but right now is not the time for you to do that at least not in front of YG" Jinhwan said to Bobby as he tries to calm him down. "Why? why can't I caresse his cheek and rake my fingers through his hair? why?" Bobby eyes began to gather water as he shouted at Jinhwan "Because if YG was to find out about your 'fling' Hanbin won't be able to join Ikon, let alone will you be accepted in society if they found out that your gay" Junhoe bluntly said Bobby look down at the ground, he knew what Junhoe and Jinhwan were say is true but for some reason Bobby couldn't fight the urge of wanting to touch B.I so bad. The very moment Bobby saw him all he wanted to do was to run to b.i and hold him tightly and never let go. Bobby wanted to kiss B.I soft lips to feel B.I warmth against his body again, To embrace B.I in his arms, to brush his fingers through B.I hair, to feel B.I smooth soft warm hand caress his cheek to hear B.I joyful fill laugh; it was music to Bobby ears. all he want it was to feel at ease knowing he had B.I by his side again. Bobby touch his own lips as he reminisced of the time of their first kiss he could still feel the sparks til this very day. Bobby slightly smile as his cheeks turn a rosy shade of pink. when suddenly a knocking coming from the other side of the door snap Bobby back to reality. Jinhwan look over to Bobby than Junhoe expecting him to open the door. Junhoe look back at Jinhwan with expression of irritation, Jinhwan rolled his eyes as he slowly turn around and placed his hand onto the door knob. just as he was slowly opening it Jinhwan hears a familiar voice and swing it open with a big smile on his face, the door slamming against the wall. B.I smile back as he enters the room and hugs Jinhwan once again today. B.I smiles at Junhoe who act like he doesnt care and gives B.I a hug too; Junhoe smiled grow wide as he hugged B.I tightly. Bobby clears his throat, trying to get B.I attention as he stand up while dusting himself off. B.I turns to look at him with a small grin as he waves his hand hello. Bobby tried to keep cool but failed as he ran to B.I with open arms and hugging him tightly nearly forcing the air out of him. Finally pulling away they smile at each other ones more, Bobby place both his hand on B.I face squishing his cheek together to make a pouting face as he chuckled at how cute B.I look. Bobby suddenly lean in for a kiss, B.I pulled away as he pushed bobby while wiping his mouth with his sleeve. Bobby was shocked by B.I reaction he felt a sudden void in his chest as it ache a bit. "Erph...How you've been bobby?" B.I asked as he cleared his throat. Bobby did not respond as a knot in his throat began to swell up. He didn't know what to say or do, he felt so much pain in his chest that it was nearly unbearable. He look away from B.I as his eyes got watery and red. Bobby clears his throat again as he tried to gulp down the tight knot in the center of his throat as he force a smile at B.I. "I've been great actually and you?" Bobby asked his voice cracked with sorrow "that great and I'm fine just living life I guess" B.I said as he looked away and scratched the back of his head. B.i could see the pain in Bobby eyes, he didn't mean to make him feel bad, it was out of reflex; B.I felt a sudden guilt in his gut. they both stood there in awkward silence as they looked around the room avoiding eye contact. Jinhwan and Junhoe also stood stiffly still seem very uncomfortable themselves. a couple of minutes later YG and the rest of the judges walked into the room. the air felt tense as Bobby quickly moved away from B.I and slightly bowed at YG and the others. "Where have you been?" YG quickly asked B.I "um..." B.I gulped as he hung his head "Do you think you could just leave without telling us anything then come back thinking you'll get another chance?" YG bluntly said with a serious tone of voice B.I shook his head no as he continued staring at the ground. Bobby felt anxious at how YG was acting towards B.I, he was scared that YG would reject him and Bobby wouldn't be able to see B.I ever again. the thought scared Bobby so much that he started to bite his nails. "What was your reasons?" YG asked "My reason?" B.I response with a confused expression "Why did you suddenly leave without notice, I know you wouldn't just leave without a reason you love music way to much to just leave" "I had a family situation" B.I said under his breath but still loud enough for YG to hear "your welcome to come back Hanbin" YG announced "what?" B.I lifted his head and looking at YG "you are why to talent to be just toss away" YG confess. Bobby, Jinhwan and Junhoe all jump with joy as they smiled at each other. B.I stared at YG with an uneasy look on his face as he twirled his finger together. Bobby walk over to B.i and nudge him a bit, B.I look at Bobby then look away in sorrow. B.I let out a heavy sigh as he raked his hair back then bowed at YG. "Thank you so much for your offer but I don't think I can accept it... I'm sorry" B.I apologize as he stoods back up straight. "Why not? don't you want to come back and stand on a stage again" said Tablo "It's a great feeling, it truly is but I can't just get up and leave as i please. I have things and people I need to take care of here and becoming and idol won't be much of a help to me" B.I explains "So you don't want to join..Ikon?" Bobby asked with a worrisome tone of voice. B.I look at Bobby and shook his head, Bobby Grinch his teeth as he rubbed the back of his neck. The knot had return again and it was bigger then before. "so why did you audition and waste our time?" GD asked as he felt disappointment in B.I. "i don't know.... I'm sorry for wasting your time" said B.I as he bowed ones again. B.I look over at both Jinhwan and Junhoe who look sadden by the news. B.I apologize and bow again as he exit out the room. he felt a tight knot in his chest as he gripped onto his shirt and took a deep breath in and exhaled sharply. he didn't mean to try out it was all an accident even though it felt so right to stand on that stage, he still couldn't imagine himself as an idol again that dream of his was long gone. As B.I walked down a narrow hallway he felt the air thicken, he tried to rush out of the building as quickly as possible as it became difficult for him to breathe. Just as he was near the exit he was stop by someone grabbing his arm. B.I turns to check who it was and saw Bobby with a depress look on his face. B.I yanked his arm away from him. The look in bobby eyes deepen in sorrow as they filled up with so much water that the tears began to fall down the side of his eyes uncontrollably. "why?" Bobby asked with a shakey voice "I don't want to become an idol Bobby" "But it was our dream" Bobby choke as the pain began to worsen. "It was our dream to stand on that stage to together remember" Bobby lips quivered. "That was a childish dream Bobby I've grown out of it and now I have realistic goals and people I need to take care of i don't have time to play kpop idol anymore" said B.I "What ever happen to our future?" Bobby voice cracked as the tears only worsen. "I have a different future now and your not a part of it" B.I words stung like a bee. Bobby chest tighten his world crumble as the word echoed. he felt as if the weight of the world was placed on his shoulders. Bobby look to his side as he tried to hold back his tears and walk away from B.I he couldn't bare staring at him anymore the pain only grow bigger if he did. B.I felt a single tear steam as he quickly took off and head to the bus stop, while on the ride back home he listen to music with his hoody on as he cried silently to himself. he hated himself hurting Bobby but he had no choice he had to B.I didn't have time to fall in love again. he had to focus on getting a career and taking care of his younger sister yeri. B.I really miss Bobby like crazy but for some reason he had this weird feeling in his gut that made his stomache knot up. what could it be? Meanwhile Bobby went back to lounge and seat down as he rest his head on the table. he didn't want anyone to see him cry as he hid his face. Bobby want all of this to be just a nightmare because the fact that B.I is long gone from his grip is to much of a heart break for him to accept. "have you moved on already?" Bobby whispered to himself "Boo!!!" bobby leap out of his seat as he turn to see A smiling cute girl standing before him. A smile quickly appeared upon his face as he wraps his arms around (Y/N). "(Y/N)!!!!!" Bobby shouted "My CUTE BUNNY BOBBY!!!" she shouted as she spread her arms wide Bobby rush to her and picking her up and hugging her tightly. (Y/N) giggled as she held and buried her face into his shoulder. Bobby put her down as he brushed a strand of hair off of (Y/N) face and pulled it behind her hair; she blushed. Bobby chuckled at how cute she was acting he missed her dearly, he lifted her chin up a bit as he lean in for a kiss. (Y/N) closed her eyes as she waited to feel bobbys lips against hers. the kiss was breath taking every time to her. they smile after the kiss as Bobby whisper into her ear "I love you (Y/N)" "I love you too bobby" she responded with a shy smile the word ached at bobbys heart, why don't they make him feel warm inside? why does it only feel empty and cold when he says those words? Bobby truly cares for (Y/N) but for some reason he still feels unsatisfied. it wasn't the same type of feeling he had when he told those loving words to B.I it felt so different. Bobby and (Y/N) started dating after they had graduated from high school at first the relationship was bumpy as Bobby still hadn't stop crying over B.I but he began to fell better as (Y/N) comfort him and stayed by his side. this one night when Bobby was being suicidal (Y/N) rushed over to his house nearly barefoot and in her nightgown just to stop him she had tears streaming down her cheeks. Bobby open up to her that night and hugged her as they cried together for B.I she miss him too even though he was a dick to her she still cared for him. Later that day they end up having sex it was (Y/N) first time, ever since then they started dating. "so why does it look like you were crying Bobby?" (Y/N) asked worryingly "Mmm... I was missing you to much so I got sad" Bobby kiss her forehead. (Y/N) giggled as she gentle smack Bobby on the chest. Bobby just fake a smile as he had B.I in his mind but couldn't tell (Y/N) because he didn't want to hurt her. Everything that was ones peaceful will soon become chaotic.


the next day

"Hanbin!! you got a customer" "Alright, I'm going" B.I respond as he walked out of the back room and into the front and to his cash register. "HI what can I get for today?" B.I greeted the customer with a smile. B.I took down their order then head back to the backroom to finish up the dishes. He had been working here for awhile now as part time since the other job wasn't paying him enough. B.I works two jobs in order to pay off some college fees and pay bills since he lives under his grandparents roof and he responsible for his sisters even though one of them is older he still take responsibility. last week his younger sister yeri had gotten into a fight at school and he had to get out of work early because the school was calling him none stop and his older sister is way to focus on her boyfriend that she doesn't bother to even help him out. B.I grown tired of it he told his sister off one time and the boyfriend had gotten involve he started talking crap and B.I wasn't in the mood already so he end up snapping at them. B.I even got into a fight with the guy several times already. a couple of days ago B.I had gotten down with him again because he found that guy yanking at his sister and pushing her around and calling her hurtful names. his sister had got mad at B.I and told him to stay out of it because it's any of his business. But how could he stay out of it when it's his own sister, he wasn't going to allowed any guy to lay a single finger on his sister. That very night B.I argued with his sister about it, she call him out things hebhad done and how he use to get in trouble alot since he moved to LA and how he nearly ended up going jail if it was for their grandparents who had bailed him out. She even mention the time B.I had ran away over his own selfish desire just because of Bobby and how he was stupid to even think that Bobby ever even like him seeing how he never bothered to contact him or find him. She went on pointing out every flaw as B.I only stood there and listen to her hurtfull words of dis encouragement. B.I felt so much anger but he just held bottled it all up because we didn't want to deal with her Bullshit anymore, B.I just walked away and told her to fuck herself and went into his room ever since that day he hasn't spoken to her not even when their the only ones home they go their separate ways. but b.i didn't have time to waste worrying about useless thing he had to focus on work and his younger sister yeri. B.I walked back to front and started cleaning around and restocking all the items as he got lost in his own thought again. B.I wonder on what bobby been up too and if he shouldn't have regretted YG offer that way he could have been with Bobby again. B.I let out a heavy sigh and shook his head as he ruffled his hair. 'No I'm not supposed to think like that' B.I continuously told himself It's not like B.I like boys he doesn't find any guy cute or attractive since he been here but than again B.I can barely stand females. it's as the only human in world he ever found amazingly attractive was Bobby. he loved every part of bobby, his will built body his large hands and the way bobby body look that night; soaked in sweat as it glistened, his plump lips and the way they felt against B.I chest and neck, the way bobby hot breath felt on B.I neck as their body were press against each other. 'No stop, not here' b.I whispered under his breath. Suddenly he hears someone laughter from the store entrance, B.I turns to look at the boy on the phone who smiled at him. the on B.I smile quickly vanishes in a flash for a moment he swore he heard bobbys laughter. The boy walked up to the register and flashed such a warming grin b.i looked at his face right and realized how cute the boy was. His brown hair and light skin tone and the way those ear piercings made his ear look cute and his oval shape face and perfect completion. B.I take a big gulp, he could feel his heart pounding. "Yo" the boy greets "Hello what can I get started for you" B.I voice shook a bit "just a ice Americano please" "okay can I have your name" he gulps as the boy smile at him "DongHyuk" Suddenly b.i female co works begin to fangirl as they fan themself. B.i turn to glare at the girls he was so done with them. Donghyuk smiled and waved at them causing them to squeal more. "Yah! shut up your hurting my ear drums" B.I shouted at them "OH MY GOD HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO SHUT UP WHEN DONGHYUK RIGHT IN FRONT OF US!!!" one of the girls Exclaimed "who on God name is DongHyuk" B.I response with a sassy tone omg are you stupid or something the guy in front of you look at that cute smile of his" the other one mentions "you know girls like you two are so annoying. how about you learn to have internal fangirl moment will ya" B.I slurs "look at him Hanbin how do not expect us to not spazz he even waved at us" the girls said in a unison "So don't mind crap you over react now shush before I put duck tape on your mouth" B.I sho them away. "Wow aren't you are sweet heart" DongHyuk chuckled "the sweetest" B.i said with a sarcastic tone of voice "I take it you get annoyed of them" "I mean you try living life with two girls who continuously scream over a video of a Korean idol breathing it gets pretty annoying" B.I explained "yeah I get you, your funny guy hanbin" DongHyuk chuckled again "thanks.... wait how'd you know my name?" "the fan girls kept mentioning it" DongHyuk smirk "Ah... damn females pissing me off early in the morning" B.I said under his breath. "your cute" DongHyuk blurted out "uh...here your drink enjoy" B.I blushed as he handed him his drink DongHyuk grin grow as he waved bye B.I bow a bit as he was a bit embarrassed from DongHyuk comment. B.i gentle padded his face as he tried to calm himself down. "Stop Hanbin you did not get flattered by him" he said to himself "tsk tsk it's really suck that your gay Hanbin your super cute" one of the girls said to him "I glad I am that way I don't have to deal with girl like you" B.I said in a cunning way and fake smirk

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