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He's so squishy and a cutie pie. A few weeks late but no better time than today to share his Fallen angel one shot. Mainly it was late because I was experiencing writer's block. It will have a smut alternate ending which will be after the fluff section and will have a Pic warning for those who do not want to read it. You do not have to read it because it does not add anything to the story. Welp I hope you enjoying this one shot. He's was actually not a fallen angel but an angel sent down by God to find a girl to save when in reality the girl brings out his courageous and protective side and brings him the true meaning of love. Enjoy reading.

Youngjae's PoV By now you know the story of most of my brothers. We were all angels up in heaven and all chose a reasons to fall to earth. Well I was asked to fall to earth by God. He told me it was important for me to find this girl. He said I would know why when I found her. I think God has this plan for all living things on earth and for all us angels. I feel sometimes he gives us all little tests and missions so we can all live a truly happy and blessed life here on earth and then once again with him in heaven. So I landed here on earth in Korea and met with my other brothers to form an idol group in hopes of fulfilling our own paths. I am always smiling and giving encouragement to our fans, brothers, and staff. I connected with our dog Coco and have a special connection with her. It has been years since our debut and I will admit I am getting a little discourage about ever finding this girl I need to find. One day while I was out in the park sitting under a tree and people watching, my eyes followed a girls every movement. I was bewitched and entraced by her. Her aura emitted a warm glow and soothing presence but to me it was like a beacon calling me home. That's when I knew I found the girl I was suppose to. One look at her and she was the exact opposite of me, I laughed cruelly because why would God send me to her. She noticed I was watching her every movement and she scowled at me. I got up and left the park. Over the next few days I couldn't get the girl out of my head. The way she walked like she owned the world and that she was her own boss. Like how does one walk like that; I have no idea but it really intrigues me. Her style of dressing was of one like do not approach me you will regret it I'm not cute or cuddly. Everything about her screamed please do not look beneath this outer appearance. It was like she was using it as a protective shield. Her styling says one thing but her aura tells me a different story. I thought I would be happy once I found her, even ecstatic, but sadly I am perturbed and apprehensive. I just let these emotions and thoughts linger at the back of my mind and I go on with my daily life. I know HE must be disappointed in me. Though each day I sense her aura and fight everything within me to not and go find her. I am a coward. Days and weeks pass and I have ran into her every single day. I spot her and observe. I haven't gotten close to her because once I see her I do everything to avoid her. But one day when I was out late at night grabbing a snack I was walking past a dark alleyway and I felt that tug, that beacon calling me. I looked down the alleyway and two guys had her pressed up against a building at knifepoint and was trying to rip her shirt and unzip her pants. I don't know how I gained courage to walk into the alley way and slam my fists and elbows into the perpetrators helping her. I helped her up and black streaks run down her face from mascara and eyeliner. she is hesitant at first but then thanks me. I ask her if I could walk her to her destination and she said yes. As I walked her home she told me she works late night as a waitress and always has to walk alone at night. Most nights she has mase, a pocketknife or someone that walks with her but today she ran out her house without anything but her wallet and house keys. I offered to be her walking buddy every night that she works. She smiled timidly and said she would think about it. As we got to her house I asked for her phone and put my contact number in. She took her phone and sent a text thanking me again for saving her tonight and to save her number. She turns and heads into her house. That was the night I knee I would never be able to stay away from her. Over the next few days we exchanged texts and I became her bodyguard at night. Eben though most if the time I am a chicken and a coward but she makes me brave. I feel the need to protect her at all costs.

Those days turned to weeks and then we started to hang out during the day. I learned her home life was broken growing up and experienced abuse by the hands of her grandparents and father. The stated the clothing she wore she was hoping would send the message not to mess with her. The more I got to know her the more I heart beat irractically around her. The more time we spent together her appearance became softer and calmer. Her eyes lit up in wonderment and awe. We could spend hours just playing video games, reading or just cuddled up in front of a show. Months passed and she quit her job at night and became a librarian. She loved books and suggesting storied for others to read. This was her dream job. I worried about the time I would need to be away from her when I had to go on tour and that time was swiftly approaching. We discussed it and my heart felt burdened every moment I was away from her. We skyped, talked and texted each other eveyday. Then it became fewer texts and skyping. When I did hear her voice or seen her the light was dimming in her eyes. I would ask what was wrong but she would say nothing. One night I woke from a dream while on tour and I felt her aura calling out to me. My heart started to beat really slow as if it would stop beating altogether and that's when I knew she was in danger. I went outside and prayed that my guardian powers would help me get to her fast. I focused on the beacon of her aura calling me and closed my eyes, and spread my wings and took off into the air. I opened my eyes and in moments I was landing at her door. I kicked in her door at the sounds of her screams and then there was a deafening silence. I looked at the man that was on top of her and literally beat her face and had a knife I her side. I smelled the reek of alcohol that came off of him. I knew in an instant this was her father. I yanked he off of her and threw him across the room. I went and started beating his face and I heard her breathing get shallower and shallower and I felt him go limp from the last punch I threw. At least I thought he was out cold.

I gathered her in my arms and pressed my hand down on her knife wound trying to slow the bleeding down. My tears fell down on her unrecognizable face now. I pressed soft kisses all over and my tears mingled with hwr blood. As I prayed to GOD to show me how to help her so I wouldn't lose her I felt a stab from the back under my rib cage up to my heart and the blade pierced my heart. Blood came out of me and mixed with hers as I fell over her body protecting her with every last fiber of my being. A blinding light engulfed us and I felt HIS presence. His arms wrapping around us and a kiss to our foreheads. "You did well my son, protecting this child of light. Now your blood runs in her and she will live a long and healthy life but she needs to know that love is not abusive or dark. You my son proved to that to hwr just now. Show her everyday. When you wake up I need you to say the binding words and trust me you will know what those words are and once she accepts thise words she will be fully healed and you will be human living only to cherish, protect, and love her while serving me by making the world a much brighter and happier place all your days on earth. Remember I love you and always by your side and always there to help when needed." I felt the light leave and I opened my eyes and stared down into her eyes that where searching my face. "Are you okay?" She brings her hand up to face and cups my cheek in awe. "I always thought of you as my own personal guardian angel I just never thought it would be actually true." The words that HE told me about soundly came to me and I spoke them out loud as I looked into her eyes "I promise to be your sunshine and light even on the gloomiest and darkest days, to protect, cherish, love and to hold you dear each moment of very day. My touches will be nothing but ones of gentleness and kindness and my words of positivity and warmth. If you'll have me I promise you will never doubt your self worth, or never doubt hoe lovable ypu actually you are. Will you be my girlfriend with plans to become more in the future?" I move my face closer and closer to her face until a our lips are only millimeters from touching. The hand that was cupping my cheek slides to the back of my head and as she says yes she pulls me down my lips meeting hers.

As we end the kiss I stand up and hold my hand out to her to help her up. She looks at me and we see that her father is no where in sight. awe both release breaths of relief. We start to clean up the mess. Once everything is put to right we both look at our bloody clothes and appearances. "We should clean up as well," we say in unison and laugh. We had to her room and she takes out clothes for both of us. She then takes me by the hand and leads me inside her bathroom. She starts to undress and once I'm out of my clothes I undress her. She turns the water on and gets in and pulls me in behind her. She looks up at me and bites her lip. I let out a soft whimper. She takes the soap and starts washing my body in a nice lather. I rinse off and then do the same for her. She then gathers the shampoo and I get on my knees to make it easier for her to wash my hair. As her fingers caress and massage my scalp I can't help but notice her beautiful breasts in front of my face.Once she rinses my hair I wrap my arms around her waist and capture one of her pert little nipple in my mouth enticing a moan from her lips. I massage her ass, as my mouth sucks and bites at her boobs. Her hands go to my hair pulling and holding me to her chest. My one hand leaves her ass and finds it way between her legs and to her folds. I feel her heat and wetness coming off her. My hand teases her folds running up and down before a finger dips in between her sweet nectar. I pump my finger in and out of her and then add another one. I hook them up hoping to fit do her spot and when I felt her moan even louder and arch even more in my mouth I knew I found her spot. I trusted my fingers at a steady pace hitting the spot over and over. I felt her release my head and her legs give out beneath as her orgasm took hold of her. I with drew my fingers and picker her up and shut the water off. I carried her back to her bed and laid her down. She stared up at me with her lust filled and satisfied eyes. I look down at her and hover over her body to press a sweet kiss to her forehead. She brings her arms up and encircle my neck and pulls me down to capture my lips with hers. she deepens the kiss and takes one of her legs and wraps it over my hip and manages to flip our positions. She stops the kiss and straddles me and looks at me from above with a small smirk on her face. She leans down and starts kissing all over my face and down my neck. Alternating between bites and sucking. She come stop my nipple and bites down hard. The sting of pain lasts only a second as I feel her suckling and licking my nipple and I let out a moan of pleasure. She removes her lips from my chest and kisses back up my neck to my jaw and then captures my bottom lip between her teeth while at the same time lining up my member into her core. She let's my lip go as she slowly glides her self down my member until I am fully inside her. I let out a groan of ecstasy being inside her. I watch her ride me going slowly at first. Then I start rocking slowly up into her, meeting her thrust for thrust. She starts to speed up but then she leans forward and captures my mouth with hers. She takes my lips and bites it and then lets go off it leans back and smirks at me. She has me all riled up. My hands grip her hips and I thrust up, and go deeper into her. She screams out as her orgasm takes over clenching around my member and I spill into her. She collapses on top of me. I whisper into her hair "I love you baby girl

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