Angel vs. Demon pt.5


Summary: You are a demon sent to the surface to collect souls, but the angel, Yixing, proves to make it a bit challenging.

Member: Yixing x Reader (appearances by other members and idols)

Type: Angst/drama/ demon!au/ angel!au

Length: 1,625 Words


You looked around, taking in the sights of the people roaming around. Maybe it was too early in the morning, but there weren’t a lot of people out. You walked towards one of the restaurants at the center of the city. It seemed to have enough people in it for it to be at least good. You entered the restaurant and was greeted by a sweet girl, maybe about 20. Her name tag read Hayoung. You smiled at her, telling her that it was just you for brunch. She nodded her head, unaware of what you really were. She brought you to an empty table near the window, handing you a menu and listing off the specials for you.

You listened politely, but didn’t actually hear a word you were saying. Your eyes were roaming around the room instead. There had to be someone where who would want to sell their soul desperately. This girl may have been young, but she didn’t seem to be that type. You could tell that she was the type of girl who had her mind set on her goals and already had a plan to achieve it. You hated people like her. She left after listing the specials and returned to her other tables. Your eyes continued to roam, taking in the different types of people that were scattered around the room.

There were families, couples, and single people all over, trying to either make small talk amongst themselves or appear as though they are not lonely as they eat alone. You eyed each of them. There was something about each one that told you how susceptible they would be to making a deal with you. One man, a father, had the eyes of someone with deep regret. He would probably sell his soul to become a younger man, one without a wife and two kids. A single man sitting beside the bathroom would most likely sell his soul to get pass school without studying. A young couple who looked at their phones more than each other would sell their souls for the chance to fix the mistake they had made a few months ago; the pregnancy.

Although they all seemed easy, they were not the ones you were looking for. You wanted something with a bit more drama. Maybe someone who Yixing would be protecting. You shook the thought away. You would have no way of knowing who he would be protecting, and if you continued to think that way, you would never get around to collecting anymore souls. You needed to get this done. You needed to prove that you were just as good as everyone else. Even if you weren’t able to prove that you were better.

Unless you stick to the original plan. Don’t let him stop you. You told yourself. You couldn’t believe you were trying to reassure yourself. You should have been confident in yourself to begin with. You were a demon after all. Who could do better than a demon? Who could say no to a demon? Not even an angel could if you would just try harder.

You nodded your head in determination. You sprang up from you seat, but just as you did, yelling erupted from the kitchen door. You looked up in surprise, along with the other patrons in the dining room. You all looked at the swinging kitchen door as one of the cooks came stumbling out. You looked at the small boy. His face was round, and young. His wide eyes were filled with pain and fear, looking at the swinging door as a much larger man came out of the kitchen. “And you can take all your ‘talent’ and stick it up you’re a-” He cut himself off as he threw the apron at the younger boy.

The small chef scrambled to catch it, keeping his eyes on the ground as he hurried out of the restaurant. You could hear everyone talking about how bad they felt for him, but all you felt was accomplishment. This boy would be an easy target, and part of you was excited to help him; as though you would be doing it for an actual good reason. You followed him out of the restaurant, catching up to him quickly. “Um, excuse me. I think you dropped this.” You said as you popped his wallet into your hand and held it up for him.

The boy looked lost, reaching towards his pockets and searching them rapidly. He didn’t bother to question it though. He nodded his head, taking it from you. “Thank you. I’m sorry. I’m just… I’m not really here right now.” He tried to explain to you. But you held up your hand to stop him from having to say any more.

“It’s fine. I saw everything that happened in there. Your boss was really rude. That was uncalled for on his part.” You placed your hand on his arm as you spoke, moving it only slightly so it was comforting.

He looked up at you with his wide eyes, appearing as though he was always sad or confused. You flashed him a sweet smile. “Yes, he was. He is always like that. He hated every time I tried to put together a new recipe or something. But I guess he officially got fed up.”

“I think that is absurd. You know; I bet you have a ton of amazing ideas for actually good and interesting food. You could probably open up your own restaurant, if you just had the right backing for it.” Your voice was seductive, and that seemed to be working for him. He leaned closer to you as you spoke, waiting for you to say something more. “I know someone who would be happy to help you. On one small condition.”

Your demon eyes flashed up to meet his, but he was too encased in your words to even care. You had him hypnotized enough. He was an easily tempted boy, and you liked that, “All you have to do is swear your soul to me. And then all your dreams will come true. Your own restaurant, your own menu, your own fame. Your restaurant could be the talk of the town and put this measly one to shame.”

He nodded his head; like a sheep following the leader off the edge of a cliff. “I, Do Kyungsoo, swear my soul to you.” The spoken contract was signed. It was easy. Too easy. You felt empty. You had the feeling of another soul fill you, the delectable soul pleased you internally, but you felt nothing deep inside. It wasn’t as though you had actually won anything.

“Feels bad now, doesn’t it?” A voice asked from behind you. You were shocked, scared as you looked across your tree branch to see Yixing staring at you. He had his wings folded behind him again, floating a few centimeters above the actual branch. He wore all white, his black hair and dark eyes standing out prominently in the setting sunlight.

You wanted to turn away from him like a child, but you didn’t want him to know that he was getting to you. You sat up on the branch and smiled at him, letting your own glamour disappear. “I have no idea what you are talking about. I am one soul away from being free on the surface. Why would I feel bad?” But you knew what he was talking about. You had returned to your tree as soon as you took the soul and laid down. You had been lost in thought about your role as a demon. It was all you knew and it was all you cared about. Taking souls was part of the job, and should have been the fun part about it. But after your conversation with this angel the last time, you felt lost...

Yixing smiled at you, moving closer. “I am not weak. I am far stronger than you. I can read you easily. I can tell how torn you are between what you are and what you can be.”

“You don’t know anything. I don’t even get why you angels have such an issue with us demons. We aren’t killing anyone. We are giving them exactly what they want in life. They don’t have to repay us until they die. Which, in case you forget, is inevitable. So why is it that what we are doing is seen as bad, but making babies swear their souls to God is not?”

The two of you stared at each other for a long moment in silence. You were both right and wrong at the same time, but you would never admit it. You meant what you had sad, and he really did know what he was talking about. But not completely. You didn’t care about what you ‘could be’ in the sense of a saved soul. You cared about being either a mediocre demon, or a great demon. And as you stared at this angel, you knew that what you wanted most of all was to be a great demon.

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