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So I've been wanting to do this for a while but never had the time until now. I'm making this card for who I think are one of the most underrated kpop/hip hop groups out there, Topp Dogg. (And no I'm not trying to convert others and say you have to listen to them lol)

I've been in love with these boys since they debuted back on Oct 22, 2013 and I fell in love with them immediately, which usually doesn't happen it usually takes me a while to warm up to a new group, but there was just something about their style and their music that was new and fresh and I loved it! Actually now that I think about it I started listening to their mix tapes when they were released back in March and April of 2012 so before they debuted. O.O

Anyways lol I've watched these boys grow and mature so much! And because of that my love for them has grown deeper and stronger. I've been following them for so many years and I plan to for the rest of my life. I've also sadly seen 3 members, Kidoh, Gohn and Seogoong, leave but thankfully all on good terms so they do still stay in touch and Kidoh even still helps with producing some of Topp Dogg's songs alongside his solo works.

As a 13 member group, now 10, you can imagine how much I struggled with choose a bias cause I love them all so much. I jumped from Kidoh to Xero to Hansol to Hojoon and to Jenissi before finally settling with Jenissi but my love for these boys is something I cannot put into words. Okay I feel like I'm getting carried away so basically all this card is is a Topp Dogg appreciation card if you will. I've complied their group works and some of their solo works (mostly which are on soundcloud so obviously I can't upload them here)

One of my all time favorite solo covers though is Hansol and Yano's cover of The Monster by Rihanna and Eminem. I love how raw it is and the lyrics Yano wrote. I love the emotion behind it. I love Hansol's English and singing voice so much, especially when he sings/says "Well that's not fair"

Compilation of their group works.

Solo works and mixtapes (I love Kidoh's Taxi On The Phone song and mv haha)






Last month, like two weeks ago, they came out with their own webshow...and it's hilarious!

Anyways sorry if this is very long and I don't blame anyone for not really reading it all. But am I the only Topp Klass out there? Who else loves these dorks?! :3

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