Us: Part 2

JIMIN He talked to me yesterday. I still stood loyal to what I said to Taehyung: Jungkook is his. But yesterday, yesterday was a whole different day. Jungkook approached me and spoke to me in a kind mood. He said that we should hang out again. But what about Taehyung, what about my promise to him. He will never forgive me if I lied to him, he's not a person that takes lying lightly. I know he likes Jungkook, he's always been in love with him, since pre-debuit. I only started liking Jungkook last year. You know it's wrong to lie to Taehyung but this is the first time in 3years that Jungkook speaks to me kindly and not seriously. Why was Jungkook flirting with me? does he mean it or is it because he thinks that I'm playing because I wasn't playing. Maybe that's why he wants to hang out. This is a chance to prove him that I'm not as annoying as he thinks I am. And maybe... he would consider going out with me. I'm really sorry Taehyung. Today is not the best of nights. I keep thinking wheather I should really go out with Jungkook tonight, I don't want to hurt Taehyung... he's my roommate. But at the same time I actually want to break my promise and just finish what I gave up on. Jungkook came into the room. He took one look at me to question if I was ok because I looked pale. Probably because I was having second thoughtsbut at the same time I don't want to have second thoughts. I'm in a very bad situation. "Kookie, I don't think this is right." "Why? what's so bad about this?" "I made a promise to Tae and now I'm breaking it." "What did you promise him?" "That I wouldn't talk to you, that you were all his. He has a crush on you Jungkook and I do too but with the way you've been treating me I suppose that maybe it's not worth it." "Why the fuck would you promise him this?" "Because you guys are really close and so Taehyung would be happy and I mean I can move on." "OK." He just left, left without even looking back. Is he mad at me for what I said? or is he that much of a player to care? Anyways with him gone away from me I fullfied my promise to Taehyung and I don't have to worry about it anymore. It's for the best.

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