my tablet broke...

so i woke up this morning and my kindle didn't turn on. At first i thought i didn't charge it right since it was working last night. Butt i was wrong. my Tabi (tablet) gave up, she fought strong. After being dropped 200 times, thrown, and power sliding down a two block hill she still turned on and showed no cracks or scratches until a couple of days ago on her 200 drop...the entire screen looked like a desert drought. Im happy that she's been able to be with me and with stand my clumsiness for 5 years. i will fix her eventually .

i usually did my digital art on my kindle so right now all i have to show you guys are my drawings of my characters. i've also been in different universes every single day trying to graduate school and complete my manga deadline. life is difficult!! but i hope you guys enjoy my drawing

My names Angi. I draw, live, and meme. Deal with it. You can find me being strange on twitter or unusual anywhere else.
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