Sassy Saturday : Introducing Taehyun

Taehyun: Did June give you a hard time again or was he satisfied having his own card? You boys don't stop do you lol. Everyone if you aren't familiar with winner this adorable ball of fluff is Nam Taehyun not to be confused with Kim Taehyung because I refer to Nam taehyun as Tae so if you ever see me say Tae I am not talking about V.

Birth name: Nam Tae Hyun Birthday: May 10th, 1994 ( Jinhwan is older by a few months xD) Nick name: Real mankae Height: 5'8 Blood type : A He knows both korean and Japanese . He is an avid actor, song writer, producer and song writer. It has been said that he is a patient person. He is very passionate about what he does. I am in love with his voice! He is allergic to shellfish and nuts.


He is also afraid of roller coasters It is also really hard to find things about him or winner for that fact if someone finds more feel free to share! He also has four tattoos.

I am in love with the fact he has a stay gold tattoo I swear I love him more just for it!!! I know it's not the best but I could barely find anything ahhh. They are killing me x.x winkonic squad ♡♡♡:@IsoldaPazo@twistedPuppy@B1A4BTS5ever@Moose1998@resavalencia@vipgirl5@LocoForJiyong@JohnEvans @xxchicharitoxx@AubriePope@reyestiny93@LemonLassie@SuperJuniorelf@kennaxx@KAddict@amberg171997@KpopQueenaBee@awkwardlove23@NicoleFireRose@salo@janessaakemi@LisetteZapata@mrsjeon@swarrier16@LysetteMartinez@MrsChoiJunHong@JaiiPanda@janessaakemi@JuanitaBooRiv @punkpandabear@kikie311@GiriBoyXAOMG@xoxorittie Tagging the fam:@VatcheeAfandi99@BBXGD@LocoForJiyong@kpopandkimchi@luna1171@thepinkprincess@MsLoyalHeart@PrettieeEmm@CreeTheOtaku@Lexxcisco@MissyKim@ibMIMI@SusiBosshammer@IsoldaPazo@VeronicaArtino@sosoaloraine23@Kieuseru@twistedPuppy@ElleHolley@AaliyahNewbell@EmilyGardner@jessicaacosta90@kpopINT@AubriePope@Moose1998@obiterdictum@ivyheart13@AimeeH@VIPFreak2NE1@AbbyRamey@MisaAmane@StefaniTre@LinnyOk@KaeliShearer@ChaHakyum@BluBear07@Starbell808@imiebegay14@Mercedesbenz98@JustinaNguyen@Dabaesaplayer@mrsyookihyu@Sunnydaebak@YongRaviZiMon@MaricelvaRomero@InnocentiaKishi@PassTheSuga@DeniseiaGardner@divanicola05@EXOAsf@Stephany123@MelissaGarza@xxchicharitoxx@Defy24601@JackieG1617@RaquelArredondo@karinamiranda81@HerosBells@Kitty17@kpowell@ChelseaGarcia@mrsjeon@bubblekookie@SharayahTodd@aliahwhbmida@Dabaesaplayer@swarrier16@JohnEvans Ikonic fam:@Jinnyrod3@resavalencia

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